Someone Made A Wish… My Bookshelves

Yup, I made a promise on Twitter that once I had gotten my last haul of manga I would show my bookshelves. I have almost gotten them all, only one is missing and that one is most likely gone for good (I have been fighting Book Depository for it the last couple of days and now they have sent a new copy. Anyway… ) So, here it comes, my bookshelves. The big one is only series of two or more manga. The small one is manga that comes in single volumes or are volume one of a longer serie. As soon as they get a volume two they will move over to the big bookshelf. Until the space is completely gone that is. The divider (bookend) on shelf four divides BL from regular manga. Infront is BL and after is the rest.



And if you have scrolled all the way down… I have a secret to tell you… I might have ordered some more manga last night because, you know, that little shop I told you about… it was so cheap. Ugh, I have to stop now. Also, they must think I am totally, completely crazy for ordering manga so close after the last order. But, at least that manga I wanted last time, the one that sort of disappeared out of the basket managed to stay in this time. So, crossdressing boys on a train filled with perverts. Yup, sounds just like something I would like. *ouch, you little perverted you*

22 thoughts on “Someone Made A Wish… My Bookshelves

  1. Damn I love how Manga looks on a bookshelf, and that’s a pretty neat idea having the single volumes on a seperate bookshelf, I might have to try that too, especially since my bookshelf is almost full! Thanks for posting these pictures!

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    1. You requested, I just obliged. 😎 I know right, it looks so pretty. I love to look at pics of peoples manga collections just because it looks so good on a shelf. I am very satisfied with how this turned out. So, I showed you mine, now you have to show me yours.😎

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    1. I buy almost all my manga online. We don’t have any bookstores that sell manga where I live. The place I have bought most of my manga is Book Depository. When it works they are great but if it should be any problems they can be a bit tricky to get help from. Also, their delivery times are a bit long I think. At least it can take up to a month sometimes for manga to be delivered to me (I live in Sweden and they ship from UK). Otherwise I have only bought from local internet stores that only ship domestically so I don’t know any other stores that ship internationally.

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      1. I can find some manga in Amazon but the prices are so high that it is making me difficult to purchase them and if it is taking you one month to deliver than I think it will take them two to three months to deliver it to me.

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      2. I’ve been thinking about Amazon too but as you say, it is a bit expensive, at least with some dealers, and then there is the delivery cost too. It sucks that it has to be that hard to find good places to buy at. There is a place in USA called Right Stuf Anime that sells internationally. I haven’t shopped there myself but they seem to have a lot too. Not sure about how much the delivery cost is though.

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    1. Thank you! I’ve been lucky and found some real bargains lately.

      Well, I have missed a ton of posts. My reader doesn’t work as it is supposed I think because so many posts doesn’t show. Your latest Samurai Champloo for example. If you hadn’t mentioned it I wouldn’t know you have updated. (gonna check it out now)


    1. Manga does look good on a shelf. I’ve been lucky, finding cheap manga to buy. Also, all money I get sort of goes to manga. πŸ™„ I like to collect things and books will always come first.

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