Oh, Sweet Baby Sugar – Gakuen Babysitters

WARNING: Some spoilers occur

Sweetness overload. That might be the most proper way to describe Gakuen Babysitters. An anime filled with chubby little toddlers doing cute little things. And cute guys watching said cute toddlers. And a strict, not so cute, lady with fluffy hair. And a hot megane butler.


What is there to say about the anime other than the above? I felt it was a bit uneven to be honest. At times it felt only lukewarm and nothing really happened. At times it was flat out creepy; a dude with a bad case of paedophilia, running around with a nosebleed the minute he saw a kid. A father who saw every guy as a threat against his precious daughter and a mother to said daughter who enabled his strange views by making the babysitters all crossdress as girls just to not make him upset. And then there was absolutely adorable moments when you just wanted to eat the kids like they were little balls of marsipan and kiss Ryuuichi, and do naughty stuff with Kamitani.


There was some serious moments; the poor family who couldn’t afford a video game for example but it quickly was swept under the rug and wasn’t really treated with any deeper thought. I wish the anime could have taken a deeper look at more of the serious things going on. Another thing was when Ryuuichi was pondering about clubs and how he in the end chose the babysitter club because of Kotarou. All for Kotarou.

I get it, this is comedy and suger sweet cuteness, we don’t need serious topics but if they are gonna sniff around it then maybe it should be done properly or not at all. Why the poor kid and his video game for example? And why that paedophile dude? How is that funny? We are talking kids as young as it makes him a toddlercon and that is beyond creepy. That is flat out Silent Hill on Playstation 2. Yeah, I am boring that way. Sorry about that.


So, what I did have fun with is all the spin offs I have made up in my head. Oh boy, can we please get an anime with the kids in high school? Imagine Kotarou and Taka wracking havoc and megane chasing after them. And we absolutely need a shounen ai spin off with Kamitani and Ryuuichi in their 20s having a little baby of their own. Don’t ask me where the kid came from because I haven’t decided that yet. I’ll improvise as I go along. And the twins, how can the twins not have their own thing. Oh boy, so many possibilities.

Well, in the end, it was a fun and relaxing watch. I would rewatch it on a rainy Tuesday if I didn’t have anything better to do.


7 thoughts on “Oh, Sweet Baby Sugar – Gakuen Babysitters

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I kind of enjoyed this show (with a few moments that didn’t quite sit right) but it does kind of amount to nothing other than cute fluff in the end. Still, I’m pretty happy I stuck with this one this season.

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    1. I think that if I had followed this anime week by week I would have lost it somewhere during the runtime among other stuff. So I am happy I binged the first six or so episodes and then paused for another three weeks and binged those episodes and then finished the rest in one go. There was really good moments that was well worth the watch but they would have gotten lost if I had watched it week by week I think.

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