I’m Somewhat Disappointed… The Manga That Suddenly Wasn’t There

Well, that was some imaginary title I came up with. Makes no sense either since I sort of edited the two previous posts about what manga I have bought. Long story short, I ordered some manga from a small internet store. Dude owning it emails me today telling me that the manga I wanted the most (Kanna vol. 1-4. It’s totally impossible to find.) apparently has disappeared. Or rather, he forgot to take it down from the homepage after he had sold it. Or some shit like that. I don’t know. So he asks me if I want to add something else instead to my order. Uhm, no I’d rather have that manga. Sure I can take the other stuff even though it would be cheaper for me to buy elsewhere. Here comes the crux; delivery costs if you don’t shop for a certain sum. And that sum is now below what I have shopped for after that manga is gone. And the fucking dude wants to charge me for the delivery. For fucks sake, I didn’t cause this to happen. I refuse to pay for delivery when they fuck up. And it’s like €10 which I find pretty expensive when I buy manga for €45. Yeah, no, I cancelled that order.

I have bought myself some other manga as consolation instead. A manga that isn’t licensed in English but well in my language! I am surprised to say the least. Also very satisfied because it is absolutely beautiful. Maybe one of the most beautiful I have seen, judging by the pictures I have seen on the net. Just look at it…

See, I told you, it is beautiful. Oh, the name might be appropriate: Ran to Haiiro no Sekai. Absolutely fabulous!

This might be better than the ones I am moping around about never getting from that other place. They were cheap too; €50 for 7 volumes.

5 thoughts on “I’m Somewhat Disappointed… The Manga That Suddenly Wasn’t There

    1. Yup, I am kinda pissed about it but, there’s not much I can do about it. He had other things I could have bought instead but just the attitude he had that I had to pay makes me not want to buy anything at all ever again. I had planned a visit to his shop when I get to the city but I don’t think so. 😠

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    1. I would think so too. He went on about how he doesn’t make that much on his sales or something so he has to get paid for delivery but that is hardly my problem when they screw up. I had planned a visit to his store when I visited the city this summer but I think not now. 😒

      Oh yes, it looks stunning. I hope I will get it soon. 😊

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