Summer Wars – It’s The Love Machine

This is by no means spoiler free.

One conclusion one can make of this movie is; never trust a klin… no that was the wrong movie. Never trust the internet was what I was gonna say. Never trust huge networks with all your information. I look at you Google.

In Summer Wars the whole world is built around a huge internet network called Oz. Everything from gaming to shopping to military defense is connected to this network. Needless to say, if you can hack this you can destroy the world more or less.

This is Oz

Enter Kenji, who is able to (involuntarily) crack the code and start chaos and a fight against the clock. But first he gets a job from a girl he has a crush on. A job as her boyfriend. All in the name of her fooling her 90 year old great grandma because she might die soon. I think. It was a bit fuzzy exactly why Natsuki, the girl, felt the need to bring a boyfriend back home but sure, I guess there’s some logic to it. He had to be at the house at that particular time for it to work. There is a lot of that stuff in this movie. Convenient movie logic; a computer store owner who dabbles with selling super computers when the computer genius asks for one, a doctor who does cpr when someone needs it, a fisherman who has a boat on steroids (when it comes to power outage. Don’t ask me how it works because I have no idea. The boat is also huge but it fits in the little pond outside the house. Yup.), a cop who can arrest Kenji when they find out what a crooked little boy he is, a huge amount of ice that just appears from nowhere. The list goes on but I’m gonna stop there.

I need a doctor, someone call me a doctor

Despite the things they have thrown in I like it. The characters are cute. Family is all, except if you happen to be the illegitimate son to the now deceased patriarch of the house. It doesn’t get better when they find out that he is the one who has created the real threat they are fighting;  Love Machine. Love Machine, or more like war machine, an ai who he has no control over since he has actually sold it to the military. Go figure, he gets the blame anyway. One might wonder if it really is realistic that a person who has created something should get the blame for something someone else does with that thing? I don’t know, it’s an interesting thought. In the end he helps solving the problem.


I like the music. It has a very nice up beat to it. It fits the fights between Love Machine and Rabbit. Everybody inside the network has their own created avatar and the boy, Kazuma, who is the computer genius who challenges the ai has a, if I might say it, pretty badass rabbit. The fights between them are rather awesome. And the music fits awesomely. But, there are some sad moments also and the music is spot on then too. What can I say, Akihiko Matsumoto who has done the music knows what he’s doing. And to my delight, the music is on Applemusic.

Kenji’s avatar gone rouge, turning into Love Machine

What else is there to say? It’s a cosy movie. I cried and I laughed, and I cheered the boys on. I was annoyed and angry with the stupid women who didn’t realised how serious the situation was because “it is just a game, right?” All the feels were there but it didn’t reach all the way, only almost. I liked it enough to rewatch it but it wasn’t an epiphany. I do recommend it for a rainy day if you have nothing better to do though.

Because he is cool

11 thoughts on “Summer Wars – It’s The Love Machine

  1. Awesome review. I loved the film, mostly because of it’s family dynamic. I think it did a very interesting job of illustrating how fast and high-tech society is getting in general, especially in Japan, while still illustrating traditional close-knit family ties/interactions with a unique and strange storyline. I do agree it wasn’t super phenomenal, but definitely enjoyable.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, the family dynamic was very interesting to watch I think. I was very amused by the fact that all the men had such prominent jobs; police officer, doctor, fire fighter, ambulance nurse… It was kind of fun.

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  2. Oooo… no one wants to be the illegitimate son of a now dead patriarch… that USUALLY doesn’t work out in your favour! And I “LOVE” That they are FIGHTING Love machine… irony? Also, don’t trust the Googod?! *cough* I mean Google? …isn’t it infallible?? Lmao!!

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    1. Hehehe, I know right!

      Love Machine is the best villain in the history of anime *exaggeration extravaganza* I am still curious about what he thought when he named it that, knowing that it would be capable of destroying the world. He did make it having in mind that he would sell it to the military. And selling stuff like that to the military, that ain’t for peace keeping boy.

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  3. this movie came out just when FB was about to be commonplace, so it’s kinda quaint how everyone’s info is online and a virus can use it against us.
    also love the final moments, lol, that nosebleed

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