7D/7A – It’s The Final Countdown

The romantic Liebster award

Oh yes, coming in second is this Liebster from Bloom Reviews. I haven’t really ranked these awards it just happens to come in on the day before the Oscars. That’s all. They are all equally as important and meaningful to me and I cherish them all. So, thank you dear for nominating me for this awesome award. I am so happy!


If you loooove romance you should definitely go check Bloom Reviews out. They have a lot of nice reviews of anime, manga and comics in that specific genre. It is awesome. Awesome I say. Even I who is the most un-romantic person in the world enjoys their reviews and that says a lot. So, people of the world, I tell you this; you better get over there and check it out. Pronto!

The rules! 

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you
  • Answer the 11 questions they ask
  • Nominate 11 bloggers for the same award in the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family.
  • Ask them 11 questions that you are dying for the answers to!


What was your most overhyped anime of 2017?

Hitorijime My Hero; I love Boys Love (as if anyone is surprise by now) and the genre is somewhat neglected in this world so of course I am happy whenever someone announces a new BL anime is on its way. Yeah, no, I was disappointed. Royally disappointed. I have done a sort of review (nah, not really but it is a post about my thoughts and feelings about the whole failure of HmH) about it.

If you had to recommend one manga or comic what would it be?

Sandman by Neil Gaiman. That is one of the best comics I have ever read. The art in each volume is amazing even though it is different artist and the story is just magical. I love Gaiman so incredibly much as a story teller and I have never read anything of his that I haven’t been spellbound by but Sandman has by far captured me the most. So, Sandman is my recommendation if anyone asks.


What’s your favorite animated film so far?

Oh, this is hard. I think it’s The Promised Place In Our Early Days. It’s an amazing movie about friendship and promises and dreams. Also, parallell universes. Then there’s beautiful music and amazing animation too.

What’s the longest running manga you’ve ever kept up with?

Oh, hm? 🤔 I don’t really know. It might be Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike! by Miyuki Abe. It has 26 volumes. 80 (long) chapters or something like that. 19 Days, a manhwa by Old Xian has 230 chapters and are still running but they are very short so I don’t know if they really count. I rarely keep up with running manga though, I binge them (as I do with anime) when they are finished.

Who’s your least favorite anime character?

There are some and I have said this before but it is worth repeating; Asuka in Neon Genesis Evangelion. I just can’t stand her. She is a horrible, horrible person.

If you had to pick one guilty pleasure anime, what would it be?

Hm, this thing with guilty pleasures. I don’t really have guilty pleasures. I have pleasures and I have no pleasures. If I enjoy it then I don’t feel guilty doing it. So yeah, I can’t really say.

What are you most excited for this year (anime or otherwise)?

I am most excited to go to Stockholm and watch Eminem this summer. I have been waiting for that fucker to come to Sweden for forever and I hope to Jesus and every other entity that he doesn’t cancel this time. Animewise I don’t have anything really. Well, Free! maybe.


What’s one recommendation you would give to new bloggers?

Write about what you want to write and not what you think others want to read.

What was the toughest thing you had to deal with in starting your blog?

The hardest part was to get the layout right and get the colors I wanted right and fit the header perfectly. Such small problems really.

Who’s one blogger or writer you would recommend everyone read or follow?

There are so many bloggers I think people should follow. You are one of them. If I have to choose only one I think I will say… No, I can’t really single one out, there are too many. People can go check out my other award posts and see who has nominated me and who I have nominated and you’ll see some great people to follow.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not blogging?

Read; manga first of all but I do read books and comics as well. It happens that I watch a little bit of anime as well. *cough cough* understatement *cough cough* Also, I watch Walking Dead. That would be it. I live a pretty boring life. (I also fight with my cat but that isn’t something that should be talked about.)

Okey, I hope everyone is satisfied with my answers. Shaddow, I am not gonna ask you any annoying questions today, you have enough to answer anyway. It is Saturday so you are free today.

6 thoughts on “7D/7A – It’s The Final Countdown

    1. I actually took number one out just yesterday and I searched for Dream Hunters on internet (because it is the only one we don’t have. Unfortunately the cover of the current edition so so ugly. Might buy it anyway if I can’t find edition 2 which is the prettiest.) So I might reread Sandman soon. It’s been a while. Once a year is standard here.

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