I Did Some Manga Shopping

And none of it was Boys Love. I might be sick, this is an unnatural occurrence. I always and almost only buy boys love manga. My collection of manga is built of 95% boys love. So, the curious might wonder what I went and bought today then. Well, I have decided to broaden my horizon (read my collection because I do read non BL the illegal and sometimes legal way (when there is an English license) already) a bit and have bought what follows. (all first volumes of)

Land of the Lustrous. I was actually considering to buy the four volumes that are released already but thought that it could be find something more when I’m at it and my funds right now are thin (come on tax refunds, it’s march soon.) so I decided to go for a few different instead.


In the distant future, a new immortal and genderless life form called Gems populate the Earth. The 28 Gems must fight against the Moon Dwellers, who attack them regularly to abduct them and to turn them into decorations. Each Gem is assigned a role, such as a fighter or a medic.

Being only 300 years old, Phosphophyllite is the youngest of the Gems and has no assignment yet. Phos to help to fight the Moon Dwellers, but is too weak and brittle for battle. One day the master of Gems, Adamantine, assigns Phos the task of creating a natural history encyclopedia.

Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakashi I think this might be an interesting read and also, the art from what I have seen looks amazeballs. It’s ten volumes and it’s completed in Japan, and almost completed in English too (you can preorder vol 10) which is a huge plus because I am a sucker for buying completed sets.


A dream filled with red camellia and the passing of a strange mask… The owner of this mask is a boy named Yue who lives in a temple populated with unusual – and not altogether human – residents.

It’s winter, and the nearby town, Utsuwa, is holding a seasonal festival. Kurogitsune, Yue’s fox spirit friend, decides it’s the perfect opportunity for the sheltered young man to experience the sights, sounds, and (most of all!) the food in the outside world. Even though Yue is forbidden from ever leaving the temple, they sneak into town, not realising what they’ve set into motion.

The Promised Neverland Again, the art. And the horror. And orphans. I believe in this one. It’s still ongoing so all I can do is keep my fingers crossed the a mangaka don’t suddenly go on an infinite hiatus and leave me hanging. (a regularly occurrence in the BL world and why I mostly hesitate to not buy ongoing works.)


At Grace Field House, life couldn’t be better for the orphans! Though they have no parents, together with the other kids and a kind “Mama” who cares for them, they form one big, happy family. No child is ever overlooked, especially since they are all adopted by the age of 12. Their daily lives involve rigorous tests, but afterwards, they are allowed to play outside.

There is only one rule they must obey: do not leave the orphanage. But one day, two top-scoring orphans, Emma and Norman, venture past the gate and unearth the horrifying reality behind their entire existence: they are all livestock, and their orphanage is a farm to cultivate food for a mysterious race of demons. With only a few months left to pull off an escape plan, the children must somehow change their predetermined fate.

Yokai Rental Shop Don’t know much about the art since I couldn’t really find much from inside the manga and many cover can look luscious and then you open and it looks like shit. (but, in this case I don’t think it’s like that. Hopefully.) What I know though, is that I like the description of this manga.


When Hiiragi learns that he has a half-brother he’s never met, he decides to meet the man…but is shocked by what he discovers. Hiiragi’s newfound older brother is inexplicably covered in bandages from head to toe, and runs a mysterious pet shop that sells rare animals. Behind the counter of this strange place is an even more shocking secret: customers in-the-know can rent out yokai creatures to perform supernatural deeds, as long as they’re willing to forge a contract written in blood.


(I ripped the descriptions off MAL and Baka)




18 thoughts on “I Did Some Manga Shopping

  1. Nice additions ! A lot of these look awesome. I honestly have to say I hardly read manga (as you know…mumbles something with time and stuff), but I do like manga, and these look very cool. Hope you are going to enjoy them….and look at that, you hit 70! 😊😊(erm, your blog, not your age 🙈🙈). Only 30 more to go….just saying 😇😇

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Haha..yeah..that really would be awesome would it not?
        I’m sure they will be. Oh…just one more thing. I of course received you email, and will answer it either today or tomorrow 😊😊 Just so you know…well…of to reply to some other comments..publish my post…and then off to a long, long day at work…..😭😭😭😭

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You don’t have to hurry with the email. 😊 It was a lot of rambling and explanations and I am gonna take it that you didn’t get angry or disappointed with me for what I said. 🤗 (or maybe you did you are just being polite now. 🙈)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha: I read all the comments but still at work so can’t really respond…but I saw this one and thought I would at least reply to this one just to put your mind at ease: no I am not angry or disappointed…far from it, so really no worries. And it didn’t come across as rambling at all. So…no worries. Hmmm back to work, customers waiting and all…only oh…6 hours to go…hmmm that somehow sounded better in my head 😂😅


    1. Keep an eye out for library book sales my friend, last year I bought volumes 1 through 36 of vagabond for $10 some of the mushi shi volumes (which I was unbelievably excited about, mushi shi is one of my top faves) a few be other books for cheap. Just don’t get triggered when you find them Bunched in with the childrens books &they still have those stickers that they put on the library but those can be removed by goo off

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I wish they had some proper sales like that at our library but they rarely do and when they do there’s never any manga. It’s too small a town. I’m not even sure they have any manga at the llibrary to begin with. 🤔


  2. I’m really looking forward to reading more Of the Red, The Light, and The Ayakashi. I’m only on book 2, but the story has me hooked. Unfortunately, I am stuck waiting for a sale to get the next one.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope so too, it looks promising! Book depository, where I buy all my manga, always have low prices on most of the manga which is nice. Otherwise on other webshops that deliver here manga is quite expensive. I cross my fingers something comes up cheap soon.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Why? For a few reasons: I like books. I like to physically turn the pages. I don’t really like fan translations; if there is an official translation from a professional translator I prefer that. Licensed manga is oftentimes pulled from the internet.

      The most important reason for me to buy manga though is that I actually think that the artist that has made the manga should get paid for their work.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. all are valid, imo.

        To me, it seems just inconvenient and, overall, it is not like there is great literature in a manga.

        but i do get your point.


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