One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Treasure, Why I Loved Garzey’s Wing


I thought it was crap, but they didn’t. Go read people. It’s interesting.

There are three types of reviews for this OVA on MAL; it’s awful, so bad it’s good, and I liked it why didn’t everyone else? My review won’t be like any of these. I loved Garzey’s wing and here is why.

When I was a little girl the first iteration of the Lord of the rings I ever viewed was that of three cartoons made in the late seventies, by Fantasy Films and Rankin-Bass. They weren’t really well received and even I have to admit they don’t hold a candle to the Peter Jackson films. Regardless, I loved them and I still do. They were my introduction to tlotr and to fantasy as a whole.

These films impacted me and left me with a need deep down inside me to find other animated films like them, films that I would love just as much. Over the years I have filled…

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23 thoughts on “One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Treasure, Why I Loved Garzey’s Wing

  1. Lol…I just said over on shaddowcat’s blog that I have really gotten quite curious about this now. Have to see which side I am going to turn to. The crappy side, or the good side. Hmmm…no I have some homework to do 😂😂

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    1. Hehe, good luck with it. I am curious to see what you come up with. As I said over there, we have some things in common what we like so it is interesting that the outcome was the opposite. But I think it came down to nostalgia. Which is interesting.

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      1. Haha…don’t get me started on nostalgia. I could write a whole post about nostalgic things. Which could be kind of interesting I guess? Hmm…still have to write a Valentine’s post first though. I don’t have too I guess..but I want to. And as I am crazy ofcourse it’s going to feature a movie that I think is perfect for Valentine’s day 😂😂
        Ughh…being single sucks at times lol 😂😂
        But yes…am curious to see which way I’m going to go on that one. I’m still thinking I’m going to head to the crappy side though 💩

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      2. I don’t like Valentines Day. It’s only a way for the shop owners to earn money. I boycott it, always have (except for when I was dating an idiot of a boyfriend but that is another story that I might tell sometime. It’s kind of a nasty story actually, not for the weakhearted. It comes with a huge trigger warning). To me Valentines day isn’t very special. I don’t think I have given my hubby anything during the years we have been together (13,5 years now). And I think I have gotten like one bouquet of flowers or something. There are like 364 other days to celebrate love (ugh, sleezy). You are welcome to give me gifts any day of the year, so don’t do it on February 14.

        I shall find a really crappy anime tomorrow and write about. something really disturbing I think, to weigh up all the cosy, lovey dovey posts that will float around. Just for the sake of it.

        (yeah, I can understand that it sucks to be singel. ❤ )

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      3. Okay….you are the only one who knows this now: but my Valentine’s post for tomorrow is Deadpool 😂😂 It is going to be fun…I can tell you that 😊
        Quite honesty….having been single for so long, I despise Valentine’s Day. It always makes me feel more alone than I sometimes already feel. I can appreciate how it can work if you are in love and want to do lovey dovey things. But as you say, why bother doing that only on that day, with so many other days in the year.
        Hmm..well..let me tell you I have never ever been lucky in love (please don’t feel’s fine, really), but as such I don’t scare quite easily.
        I’m sorry to read you have had an idiot for a boyfriend too, but am very happy to read that you now have someone that you have had such a long relationship with. That’s great, and really…I am very happy for you, as you simply deserve it. Haha..and I don’t think that was sleezy at all 😀
        But yeah…Deadpool tomorrow…’s a secret 😊

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      4. Oh, I look forward to Deadpool, he is my favorite X-man of all the X-mens in the world. He’s my man.

        No pity, I promise. Love sucks though and I can admit that I am not sure I understand the feeling love. I fall in love easy but it is that heavenly turmoil of feelings, just like when I am having a high and then that disappear. I can say that if we didn’t get kids when we did (like super early) we wouldn’t be together now (not that I don’t have feelings for him but he would probably want different things than me). I wouldn’t have any kids at all and I would probably be alone, perhaps with a cat. By choice. It is nice to have people around me but I am more of a lone wolf. I am happy with my own company. But, now I am used to have someone beside me.

        Yeah, my idiot boyfriend yeah. Don’t be sorry about it, it is history now. It’s been 20 years since I met him. 😱 (it ended in 2001 thank god but I am still scarred by it)

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      5. Deadpool is cool..but seeing as there are other comments that talk about him..more on that later. Hmm…well I fall in love way too easily as well. And usually way too hard too. But for me it has never been easy. Either the feelings weren’t mutual, she already had a boyfriend, stabbed me in the back, or simply used me. (Gee I wonder where those insecure feelings came from🤔🤔). So, kind of given up of ever finding someone. If it happens cool..if it doesn’t would suck, but I have kind of prepared myself for that.
        I don’t mind being alone either…only sometimes I do experience lonelyness. Especially on days such as these. So yeah…not a big fan of Valentine’s Day.
        I’m still happy for you though. It’s nice to have someone, and I’m glad that you guys are still together. I really mean that 😊
        Hmm…well glad that it’s so far in the past..but yeah some things can just stick around and will never truly go away..even though the scaring and pain from it does lessen over time.

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      6. Women are evil. Well, not all but they do prey on nice and kind men. I know it sounds harsh but if you give a finger they will swallow you. My brother had the same problem. Everyone friendzoned him. He’s like you, easy to use (albeit he had his circle of friends and it was a case of come help we are moving, that kind of help), always doing everything at work since “you have no family” and so on. Girls leading him on and then finding someone else. It wasn’t until he was 30 he actually found someone (I know you are older though but he had given up completely too). You are btw only a year younger than him. I am not gonna go so cliché and tell you that there are someone out there for everyone and you are gonna find this someone one day because who the hell am I to tell you that. I can’t tell you that I understand your pain either of being alone but I know what it is like to fall in love (too hard and fast) and be used and back stabbed (not by guys though because you rarely involve yourselves with that shit).

        Yeah, it’s way easier now, thankfully.

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      7. Honestly women can be evil…but so can men. If I sometime here the foulmouth talk some men give about women, it at times shames me that I am a man. But just like women, there also nice ones out there. The trick is finding them. I thought I had last year. I met someone online, who had pretty much the same interests than me. Star Wars, comics, boardgames, books…only thing that ws missing was anime, but hey nobody is perfect lol. Anyways I met her for real for the first time at a con. It clicked. After that though..we talked, and talked and talked…but every time I wanted to make an appointment something came up. She did have a lot of health problems and stuff like that, so that was really sad. But after cancelling 7 times on me, and not having seen her for nine months…I called it quits. Just couldn’t do it anymore. So…yeah…pathetic right? Anyways..that is pretty much the story of my life. And after that I pretty much started giving up hope. If it happens, it happens…if it doesn’t well..too bad.
        Hmmm sorry for sharing this sob story by the way. Don’t worry though..I’m doing okay. I’m glad I met so many wonderful people here on WordPress…you included of course, and that really does do wonders for my lonelyness 😊😊 oh…and thanks for not going cliche on me, appreciate that 😀😀
        But glad that for you…it’s easier now 😊😊

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      8. I realise it sounds like I wish I didn’t have my kids. that is not the case. I love my kids and I want them more than anything. But if I had known about my diagnosis and how much it hurts the people around I might have chosen differently back then. And that choice had made me and my hubby split up since kids are important to me while I don’t think kids are vital to my life. But my kids are vital to my life. (by the way, I don’t really like kids, I only like my own kids.)

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      9. I understand what you are saying here, and no I didn’t think that for even one second that you didn’t love your kids. It’s a balancing act, and I can definitely understand how hard it can be at times. But you know what: the fact that you are already stating here that you love your kids, is proof enough that you are doing fine 😊😊
        As for me…well I do love kids, but I know I am never going to have them. I have reached that age where I pretty much know that’s not in the cards anymore (not counting of course those demon spawn baby’s that still seem to be around in my brain 😂😂).

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      10. Those you will never get rid of; baby Asta and Baby Mira. Wait, it should be Mita and Asra right. Hehe.

        Well, it’s sad that you want them but feel that you are too old to have them. 😔 ❤

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      11. Nope….they are spinning in my head every day. Their screaming is also getting louter each day…uggghhhhhh 😂😂
        Hmm…yeah…true 😢😢 But it’s hard to have them when you don’t even have a girl…So that is the biggest problem of all lol 😊 It’s okay though…really 😊

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      12. They are demons, you don’t need a girl for having demon spawn. I mean, Oga found his demon spaw floating down a river. You’ve got rivers in Holland, just go down to one of them and start shouting for Asta. Do a little ritual dance and make up a strange spell and I bet it will work. Asta sucks at magic so even if you do to there will be a little hell spawn come floating to you too. 😈

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      13. Ahhhh..okay so hang on, just going to call my boss saying I will be late today because I have to this thing in the river. I’m pretty sure he will understand. And if he doesn’t I’m sure there is some kind of ritual for that as well. Either that…or I will sent my demon spawn after him to gnaw on his dead bones. (Wow…..😮😮😮 Where the heck did that come from….🤔🤔🤔).

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      14. haha…well that part is pretty much clear now, lol. Ughhh I wish those demon spawns were with me today. What an incredibly crappy day it’s been at work…ugh. Bluuuughhhhhhh. Glad it’s weekend now, that’s for sure. 😊😊

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      15. It sounds like you had a really shitty day yesterday. 😔 Bad customers or bad bosses or just bad?

        Yup, weekends are awesome. *dancing around a little* I have to spend this afternoon with my annyoing nephew though because apparently he needs to be entertained by my kid. Ugh. My mom promises too much to that kid without asking my kid and then i am blamed for making him disappointed when my kid doesn’t want to play (he’s five, she’s almost ten). 😒

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      16. Well…shitty pretty much sounds completely right. Just one of those days that were really bad: incredibly busy, meeting after meeting, computers that didn’t work, I failed at a test I have never failed at before…in was crap (maybe they could make an anime out of it, to be featured on your crappy anime posts lol 😂😂😂
        Haha..well the weekend is denying that…and this one started off pretty cool with the Black Panther movie (which was awesome).
        Hmm…well…you Saturday did not sound particularly entertaining. Hope your nephew didn’t stay too long.
        And I can understand that your kid doesn’t want to play…the age difference alone is probably enough to do that. Hopefully it wasn’t all bad 😊😊

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      17. Actually, that sounds like the premise for a good anime. 🤔 I mean, you can always find something funny in other peoples crappy situation. It’s called comedy, the genre you love the most. (just to add to your crappy day. 😂 )

        Yeah, we were at my parents place so we could fortunately leave but not until everyone was mad at each other and I had a rather heavy anxiety attack because of all the noise and fighting. And the little one (he’s 1,5) was crying because he was exhausted. He is a handful too, being everywhere where he isn’t supposed to be. Ugh, i had forgotten just how bothersome and hard it is to have babies. And my brother slept when we came and kept on sleeping until he suddenly up and left for a birthday party and left my old parents alone with these two energetic kids. My parents are both over 70 and my dad has a lung disease which makes him really tired. One would think that my brother could be a little bit more considerate. (yeah, I am annoyed with him. Add to my annoyance when my mom told me that he plan on staying there until wednesday!! Seriously.)

        Sorry, rant over.

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      18. Hey, rant all you want. It seems like you have every reason for it after reading how your day was yesterday. Ugh…and I thought my Friday was bad. Totally take it back. It was awesome when compared to the day you had yesterday.
        Really sorry to hear you had such a bad day. Sending a virtual Asta hug your way.
        That really does sound like not a very nice thing your brother did though. My parents are both over 70 too, and I would never leave them in that way. Especially not with two energetic kids. That really sucks.
        Hopefully you will have a better day today. I’m not going to say it can’t get any worse right? Because then usually it gets worse. But I will keep my fingers crossed hoping your day will be better today. And just to make sure: absolutely no need to say sorry to me: ever 😉
        Haha..and thanks to adding tot my crappy day in that way: actually next time I have a day like that I will put up a camera and go into full on comedy mode…just because I like that so much 😂😂 (it will not get a PG rating by the way 😂😂)

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