Crappy: Vampire Holmes – The World’s Worst Detective (And Possibly Anime?)

I must admit that I went into this one with my eyes half closed. Or rather, I was peaking through my fingers, waiting for a catastrophe to happen. 3.55 on MAL is a good omen for that to happen. Well, what can I say, Holmes good looks can’t really save this disaster. Or can they?

Vampire Holmes - 03.mkv_snapshot_01.41_[2015.07.12_04.29.53]
Not only a chibi
He’s the man who sleeps with his face down on the floor for unknown reasons (it might be because Hudson is a zombie. Yeah, don’t ask and don’t bother to watch, you will not know either. Also, he’s not). He is the man who tries to fool Hudson by pretending to read books about cows who compete about who are going to get milked first. A man who pretends that water is wine because he wants wine when they are broke (and chews on Hudson’s hand like it is a piece of bread and also satisfied acts like it actually is a piece of bread.)


Does he solve any cases then? Not so much really. Maybe one, but he claims to only walk the dog. But perhaps it is just a coincidence that there was a man spotted with a dog just around the time when the crime was solved. Anyhow, Holmes is oblivious or at least pretend to be. And poor Hudson doesn’t know what to do.


I can’t really give this a bad score. It is impossible. Holmes is way too cute as a chibi. This crappy little anime has grown on me in all it’s crappiness. It is fun at times and since the episodes are only 3 minutes long it’s easy to watch. There are a total of 12 episodes and believe it or not there is actually a sort of story arc that is, sort of, solved in the end. The op/ed is really good too.


Well, I said I was gonna watch crappy anime this month and this counts as crappy but I wouldn’t give it that low a score if I were to score it. Sure, the animation probably suck but if you can find a cute chibi like Holmes then I don’t care about crappy animation.

[Kopaja-Raws] Vampire Holmes - 10 [720p]_001_2262

Oh, yeah, the anime is actually based on a smart phone game. I must say that I am very hesitant wether anime should be made out of this type of game. Maybe it should have been just a game. Then again, if I had played the game maybe I had appreciated this little thing a lot more. Who knows. (Definitely not Holmes, he is too lazy to find out.)

If you want to watch it I made a little compilation of all 12 episodes. You can find it below.

13 thoughts on “Crappy: Vampire Holmes – The World’s Worst Detective (And Possibly Anime?)

  1. Woohoo another rev…..erm…post for crappy anime. Though not so crappy apparently this time. That Holmes Chibi does look very cute…in a erm crappy sort of way (oh come one you knew a comment like this was going to happen huh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚).
    Seriously though…this doesn’t look to bad at all. Not by a longshot. Actually I might even watch this. Even it turns out te be real crap…I still loved and laughed at your review 😊😊

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  2. This unfortunate anime currently holds the position of “my worst anime ever”. The ads that don’t even hide themselves and make up part of the first episode’s runtime are probably half the problem…

    Well, I’m watching gd Men’s Party this season, so I guess I can’t complain about my tastes in crappy anime *shrugs*.

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    1. I was a bit annoyed with the commercial too so after two episodes I decided to cut them all together in one long episode and cut out the commercial. A much more pleasant viewing experience after that.

      I haven’t seen god Men’s party but it actually is on my tw list. And not as part of my crappy month. But it might end up on the list for it anyway. 😎


      1. The thing about gd Men’s Party is that the crappiness of the appearance is part of the joke and the experience. It’s hilarious without being crappy if you understand the injokes though (for example, one of the voice actors also did the voice of Kirito and he riffs off SAO in one episode). Even if I understand only some of the jokes and have to Google for others, I still have more fun with gd Men’s Party than some of the other shows I’ve tackled this season…because I’m one of those people who likes knowing about potentially useless trivia…

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      2. It sounds like I might like it then. If I get the jokes the anime can be as crappy as ever. Because that’s what’s part of the fun. But if the jokes falls flat, well, then it’s just crappy. For me. While it is funny for others. It’s so subjective when it comes to comedy. So to say that a comedy show is crappy is unfair I think. It’s all up to the humor of the watcher. Unless you are gonna pick it apart and look at the vas and animation and that stuff and not take into consideration the content.

        I am def gonna check it out.


    1. I have it on my yt channel. I did a little compilation and cut it into one piece after I wrote this post. 😎 It’s unlisted though but I’m gonna link it to this post. It is a masterpiece! 😎

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      1. I saw that it was blocked in some countries because of the op/ed. Typical it was in your country. πŸ˜• I had the choice to delete the song but that only sounded strange.

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      2. Man, I didn’t realise that!! πŸ™ˆ That is hilarious. πŸ˜‚ Of course they have to marry. She has a real crush on him as it is so it is just a matter of time. πŸ’

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