No, not the movie with Tom Hiddleston. (It’s a damn fine movie though; a young Hiddles jumping naked into a pool. I mean, what more is there to ask for.) No, it’s about my life. About me and my stuff. Completely unrelated to what I usually write about here. Maybe no one is really interested in my little life here on earth and maybe I should write this somewhere else but here. Still, Auri’s initiative has got me thinking; my mental health is fucked up, to say it with the nicer choice of words. And now a thought has popped up in my mind; maybe I should start to actually process some of the shit that has happened to me. Things that has lead me to where I am now. But I am not sure this blog is the place. If my depressive talk will destroy my cosy living room feeling. Well, I know it will because it usually do. That’s how mental illness works, it destroys the atmosphere. It destroys the people around it. The relationships between people. But it needs to be talked about. So, should I talk about it?

I don’t know, it was just a thought that slithered its way into my mind yesterday after all the posts about suicide help. Take a look at Auri’s post.

Continue, Don’t Quit : You Are Not in This Alone 

It is a very nice and admirable project. I hope it will help those who need it.

12 thoughts on “Unrelated

  1. Okay…you know how besides laughing about stuff with you, and at times being completely nuts is fun and all? This is going to be a serious comment from me. (Yeah, I know you have experienced me being serious already…so you know I am capable of that).
    First off: you are already talking about it. What you are doing here…is putting yourself in the spotlight and being courageous. Which I think (and please don’t say that’s not true) takes guts. So…I’m really proud of you. I mean I already am proud of you…you know that, but this takes things to a whole new level.
    Secondly …the question you ask is not one I can answer for you. I don’t know if your blog is the way to go about this. It might be scary…it might also be something that people can relate to. Because not everyone is the same. The one thing I do know though: talking always helps. Whether or not you want to do that right here…or in some other way…that’s all up to you. I can really not pressure you in that…as it’s different for everyone.
    Third: I said it before: I will say it again: I really consider you as a very good friend now. I have enjoyed our talks…and I still continue to enjoy them every day. So…if you think that talking about it on your blog is too difficult…I am here for you. You have my email adress..and people have always said that I am a great listener. In short: if you want to talk about it: feel free to contact me. As above: no pressure. But also don’t fear that I run away or will stop talking to you. The people I consider to be friends: are people that I want to help, in any way I can. And..you are my friend ❤️
    So….think about it. That’s all I am saying here. Wow….this has become an extremely long comment…sorry about that 😅😅 But erm….just so you know…I meant every word. Now as for the next step…that is up to you…but in my book: you are amazing 😉

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      1. Thank you. 😊 I think what you and the others are doing are amazing. People like me (that sounds horrible but you know what I mean) need somewhere to turn to sometimes and you give us that. ❤️

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      2. I conpletely agree with you: Auri has created something incredible here 😊😊
        There is one thing that you should nkt forget though: you are quite amazing yourself 😉 For who you are (duhhhh😂) but also for writing a post like this. So yeah I guess I am again giving you a conpliment here 😊😊

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      3. You have to stop giving me compliments or I will go crazy and become a megalomaniac instead. 😎 The next god, trying to conquer the world (or destroy it. Destroy it is absolutely an option.)

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      4. Haha…the day that I stop giving compliments to people I like…is the day that I stop being myself 😂 (Or my mind has finally been taken over by alien/demon hives 😂😂).
        And wait…we had established the fact already that we were both a little bit crazy right? 😊
        So…sorry…not going to stop!😀 Good to see you again by the way…missed ya 😊😊

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      5. Haha, well I was a bit overwhelmed yesterday by all comments and then I wrote todays crappy anime post (and of course watched the thing) and also, I was ridiculously tired. So yeah, but it’s a little bit better today. i think. But tonight it’s mello (the national competition before Eurovision song contest. We have like 5 of those to determine who is going to ESC every year. It’s a tradition to watch. No matter how bad you have to do it.) so I’ll be absent then.

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      6. Haha…really absolutely no worries at all 😊😊 I was just a tiny bit worried that maybe the post you wrote and our comments on it got to you (so yeah…I guess that is a compliment again, I am worried about you 😊😊).
        But really no worries. I have a lot of stuff to do today as well. Usually on saturday I have this tradition of watching tv shows with my folks at times. And today is one of those saturdays.
        You have a lot of fun watching the competition then 😀😀
        And now of course I am going to check out that crappy anime post of yours 😂😂

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      7. Oh no, not at all. That was just me pondering about whether or not I should start to write about my life or not. I am not at all in a bad place right now (and that’s why it is the right time to start to write).

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