Natsuyuki Rendezvous – This Isn’t A Romantic Love Story With A Ghost

No matter how you see it this isn’t a romantic drama. It is a drama, sure, but the romance is near to none. This is a story about love, not a love story. It’s a story about moving on and letting go. A story about allowing oneself to be happy. At times it’s so sad you just cry. You never really laugh that heartily but a smile might spread across your lips now and then. It is bittersweet. You root for everyone, even though you should not root for the ghost.


Yes, it is a ghost story. Rokka (or manager if you are Hazuki) owns a flower shop she once opened with her now deceased husband, Shimao. Hazuki passes said flower shop everyday and one day discovers Rokka while she waters the flowers (at first he thinks she is a junior high boy. I am not really sure the relevance of that but that is what catches his eye for some reason. That is never again mentioned though so. There is also a part about Rokka having a beautiful, round head; something that is brought up several times during the series.) Hazuki instantly falls in love and when the flower shop needs a part timer he is of course the first one to apply for, and get, the job. With the job, unfortunately, follows a jealous ghost.


Rokka’s deceased, since three years, husband is peacefully haunting the shop and apartment he and Rokka lived in. No one has ever seen him before but now a threat has come into his and his beloved wife’s life and things changes. Especially when Shimao realizes that Hazuki is able to see him. He is making all sorts of fuzz, disturbing every attempt Hazuki makes to get close to Rokka.

I don’t want to spoil the show but there are events that makes this show move from a pretty normal show into the more philosophical way. There are a lot of thoughts about how to move on when someone you love has died. If it is okay to give your heart to a new person. Rokka is very confused about her feelings and talks a lot about how much she loves her husband, even with Huzaki, who has confessed his love to her at multiple times. She doesn’t understand her own feelings for Hazuki, or even if there are any.


I can’t say anything more than I love it. I was a little bit afraid that the whole ghost part of it would turn it into a comic relief sort of situation but there isn’t any of that. Even though Shimao at one point floats behind Rokka and makes faces to throw Hazuki off you don’t really laugh. You are more annoyed at him than anything. That’s the kind of ghost he is, an annoying, in an unfunny way, ghost that comes in between the couple you are rooting for. But I can’t help to root for him as well, since there is a tragic story to him too and also, he isn’t a bad ghost, he just wants his wife to be happy. His means and ways to get there might be a little bit sideways since he believes he has the power to do it.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous - 02 - Large 06

It’s not a love story, it’s a story about love. If you can have that in mind and be prepared that you at some point in this story will meet Thumbelina and Sleeping Beauty then I really recommend it.





22 thoughts on “Natsuyuki Rendezvous – This Isn’t A Romantic Love Story With A Ghost

  1. Okay, if you dare to say one more time that you are not good at writing reviews I’m going to erm….hang on (looks at notes that fell down on the floor….), erm….no idea what I was going to to, but it was probably something horrible πŸ˜‚
    Seriously though, this was a great post: it certainly makes me want to watch. I can be a sucker for bittersweet stories, and this one sounds very, very beautiful. Sigh..the only downside I can see to this is the fact that I have another anime that I am adding to my to watch list. Oh well…there are worse things to do I suppose😊😊

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    1. I cannot write reviews… *come at me old man*

      Thank you! It is an enjoyable story and it isn’t very long either, only 11 episodes. And yes it is beautiful; sad and hopeful and a strong mix of emotions. It was a perfect binge watching anime.

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      1. *old man * really…are we going down that road now… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        Okay I know I have got to do something about that not able to write reviews part (I’m going to think up a very nefarious scheme/masterplan…..tilts back head and laughs it’s evil laugh….mwoehahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆ).
        Well…11 episodes is definitely okay. I’m sure I can fit that in somewhere and really on a serious note, I do love stories like that, so thanks very much for the recommendation
        (See…I can be a nice guy…even though I am old πŸ˜€πŸ˜€).

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      2. You are soooooooo old. πŸ˜‚ A whole year and a half give or take older than me. That is like a century older at least.

        I do have to change my view of writing reviews if I am gonna succeed with this mission of mine… maybe. Who knows. I have no idea where to start that thing. I don’t even know where to watch it. πŸ€” I come prepared… she said and laid down on the sofa and stared at the ceiling.

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      3. Yeah..sorry about that : you are so right. I think I am going to call the retirement home right now. I did not realise that I was actually this old now πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Thanks for the reminder I guess….walks away with walking stick 😒
        Lol….well you have to start at the beginning πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        Okay seriously: why don’t you start with an introductory post saying this will be your next mission. Then…maybe, just maybe, you can ask some of your reader to submit ideas for you..and go from there, together of course with your own crappy anime stuff you at least want to feature. Oh…and you are not tempting me to say that you write awesome reviews again.
        *crap…I just did say it *.

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      4. Naw, poor old man, I can join you with my walker. πŸ˜‡

        Well, I have ideas about this. I am still pondering about if I should incorporate the manga somehow. I obviously have to finish it first… *oh the horror**the bad kind of horror* I wonder if it gets better again? πŸ€” Right now it’s just a lot of chopping up the poor brother’s stomach and sawing off his limbs. Also, his sister is fucking stupid!!! Ugh, give me the strength to keep on reading.

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      5. Haha…well I will drive up with my electric wheelchair: that is much easier πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        Man…hearing about this….I really wonder how you didn’t stop with this after one volume lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        Keep hanging in there: you know what they say: all good things come to an end…so I guess all bad things erm….don’t? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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      6. I can be stubborn so maybe one or two bad things can…. at least sometimes bad things must come to an end. I mean, the dentist must. Snakebites too. The devilish cats life too.

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  2. I really enjoyed this story. It was kind of sad and hopeful all at once and it really did look at the idea of love, grief and moving on and it did it in a calm and fairly laid back way (even with the ghost and other slightly surreal moments toward the end). Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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    1. There was this soft feeling all through the whole story. It made it all the more real to me, even though there was a ghost. He felt more real. I thought it was so beautiful that it was his world at the end. Thank you for your comment. 😊

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  3. This is one of my all time favorite anime! I love it oh so much. I finally got to buy it on DVD this Christmas season for a very good price. I am so happy to see so many other people who enjoy it as well. It makes my heart melt ❀ I cried so much while watching this anime.

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    1. Oh yes, I cried almost every episode. It is so incredibly beautiful and sad, but still so hopeful. It is in many aspects a perfect anime. I would love to own it too. If I ever find it for sale somewhere I am gonna buy it.

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