30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 28 (Say What?)


Neon Genesis Evangelion is filled with good dialogue. I have chosen some of my favorite quotes among many that I like.


15 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 28 (Say What?)

  1. I really love some of the quotes from Evangelion. They work for the show, but can be thought about from a range of contexts and they help define the tone of the show and the characters. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Ooh…that final quote from Rei is a good one. I guess it really is true as well. At least for most people. Not for me though. I love the darkness..but then again I have two demons living inside my head so what do I know right? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    1. It is probably true for human kind as a whole. No one wants to live in the darkness. And as for the little man, think about how many people who are afraid of the darkness. I was too when I was little. Until my dad told me that in the darkness no one can find you. If you have the lamp lit the monsters finds you. It’s easier to hide in the dark. (my dad is a retired police detective who has worked as a crime scene investigator. He has worked some of the most gruesome and talked about murder cases here in Sweden.) After that I wasn’t afraid anymore.

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      1. Aww….really mean this: that was really a wonderful story to read. I’m glad to read you are not afraid of the dark anymore. Honestly though: I never have been afraid of it. I have a pretty irrational fear of wasps though. Those little pesky creatures scare the crap out of me.
        But yeah I can imagine how your dad has seen quite a number of horrible things. Really not one of the easiest jobs to have. That’s a fact.
        Really serious though (for a change). This comment struck a bit of a chord in me: truly beautiful. 😊

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      2. All people should be afraid of wasps. They can be really agressive and even if you aren’t allergic you can react badly to them if stung. So I don’t think that is an irrational fear at all. I am afraid of them too.

        Yeah, he’s seen a lot. When I was 11 he had to deal with a 10 year old who was abducted and who they later found raped and murdered. That was hard on him since I was her age. That summer we weren’t allowed to be out after dark and we had to tell everyone where we were. The thing is, the murderer didn’t get caught until 15 years later. I think that is the worst case he had. he worked constantly on it for 15 years. Had a folder with that particular case on his desk in case something would come up.

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      3. I turn into completely psychotic madman when I see wasps come near me…like overturning tables, running away like an idiot kind of crazy πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Glad I am not the only one though ..phew…πŸ˜…
        Whoa…that really sounds like an incredibly rough case indeed. I can totally understand how that would get to him. I’m really amazed at how people can do a job like that, and i truly mean that I have very high respect for it. I’m glad that the murderer was eventually caught though. That must have been quite a frightening time to live in 😒

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      4. I don’t know how aware I was at the time. More aware than most probably but it was more like, if we saw a mysterious van we went home and told my dad. Or if we heard something strange or saw something strange we told him. I think it became more of a game to us. Which probably was good.

        The murderer killed himself before he got a trail and a sentence although he was in jail waiting for it. When he heard about all the evidence against him (in 89 they couldn’t test bodily fluids but they saved a sperm test they found just in case there would ever be a way to test that small amount and lo and behold, in 2005 they could and the case was solved. That’s who technology should be used.) he realised there was nothing to do and then he hung himself. So in a way she and her family never got justice. He was a real creep. At the time he committed the murder he worked at a factory situated only a few kilometers outside the village I lived in at the time (my parents still live there.) He also killed a hooker and dumped her on the side of the road just outside that same village only half a year before he killed the little girl. A year later one of my classmates dad went and killed on of his business associates. That was a strange case for my dad, since it was his acquaintance. They had went to school together when they were kids. Ugh, a lot happened when I was a kid.

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      5. Wow, seriously (there is that word again), that sounds rough. I can really not even imagine how something like that must have felt at the time.
        And …honestly there are such horrible people living on this planet at times. I can definitely understand how they felt cheated out of justice. In a way, him killing himself was the easy way out. I would rather have someone like that rot away on jail for the rest of his miserable live, preferably with a lot of torture. I’m not a violent man…but people like that make me mad. Or even calling them human is way too kind a word. Animal is much better I guess.
        But wow…yeah a lot did happen when you were a kid it seemed. But you know what? You still ended up being an awesome and very cool person! 😊😊 And I will keep reminding you of that every chance I get πŸ˜‰

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      6. Haha, well, I was a pretty normal kid though. Growing up in a small village with 700 people and a cop for a dad and a teacher for a mom (worst combination ever as parents.) you had to behave. So, the most exciting that happened was my dads stories about his job.

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      7. Hmmm okay, but still I can understand that things like that certainly can get to you. The most exciting thing that ever happened here was someone throwing a stone through a glass window. But I guess that is really fine.
        Well my dad worked as a printer at the same company where I work now, and my mum a housewife. I guess that is a good combination I suppose. 😊

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      8. That sounds like a very good combination.😊 A calm one at least. My parents were never at home. Always busy with work or some activity at night. I was left alone a lot. Thus, the story about darkness and monsters I guess.

        So, you work as a printer too?

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      9. Hmm..it was the exact opposite with me: I was never left alone at home. Which I guess in hindsight was something that I should be happy about, even though it at times did not feel that way.
        No..I work in a callcentre as a senior member. Which means that I besides answering calls, I also help train colleagues, coaching them and stuff like that. It’s not bad,and hey..it pays the bills 😊😊

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      10. I think all kids wants to be left alone. At least teenagers. But I don’t think they should be. Well, occasionally but not as much as me and my brother was. But I get it, we were old enough they thought I guess. My dad got a brain tumour when I was 17. My mom left me alone (my brother did his military service and wasn’t home at all) for two weeks. Day and night. She didn’t come home at all, she spent her whole time at the hospital with him. I get it, she was worried. It was really bad and she thought I would be fine on my own. But seriously, a 17 old is kind of little, especially when her dad is so sick he is in a coma. My brother came home on the weekends. Well, enough about that…

        Oh, I have also worked on a call center. I worked with customer service (at ikea, in their kitchen division, at an insurance company and also at a phone company). It was really fun but I am too stress sensitive so i can’t do it anymore. But I liked it very much. It must be fun to get to train noobs and such as well.

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      11. Well…yes and no I guess. There are times that I really wanted to be left alone (when I was being a horrible teenager lol πŸ˜‚), but there were also times when I definitely was glad my parents were there for me, like in the times where the bullying got exceptionally bad 😒.
        But wow…yeah of course you don’t want to be left alone at times like that. At the age of 17 it is not like you are a full grown adult you know? It’s something that parents might think at that moment, but perhaps they, or in this case your mother, did not realise that you needed her as well at that moment. That sounds rough man…really…
        Well…that is a thing with call centres, they certainly are stressful, but also fun. I have some great colleagues luckily, and that also makes work easier. Crazy coincidence though that you have also worked at a call centre once.
        And of course it’s nice to torture, erm train the noobs lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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