What Did I Even Do In January?

People are so ambitious, making nice posts about how their January has been, anime wise and life wise and any wise. It’s very inspirational to read, and also very interesting. It got me thinking, what have I achieved during January?


First; I’m gonna share one of my secrets with you. I have a really bad memory. It is so bad that I sometimes can’t remember what I had for dinner last night. It’s not a joke or the usual “oh, I have a bad memory hahaha” thing. No, it is a real thing, caused from a medicine I am eating. It’s either that or going on an emotional roller coaster. I chose a bad memory every day of the week. So, me even trying to write a post like this is like climbing mount Fuji. This is also one of the reasons why I never write proper reviews, I can’t always recall everything that has happened in a whole season of an anime/tv-serie/movie.

Well, that was very personal…

So, my January then. What did I even watch? I haven’t really started to watch any seasonal anime.

I tried Devilman: Crybaby for a little while. That ended after some careful consideration. I was actually very hesitant to drop it because I wanted it to be as good as it’s premises promised. But it just didn’t live up to my expectations. The animation was not bad, I like it simple. It was a trip to watch the rave and the effects. And the music was great, although I actually didn’t like the rap that much. The story though fell completely flat.


What else did I watch? Neon Genesis Evangelion. That was a wild trip. It felt like I was high on mushrooms more or less the whole time. The depth in the series is very palpable although it really felt like someone was on acid while writing it, especially the last 10 or so episodes. The best part, except for PenPen obviously, was episode 25 and 26. I love that kind of philosophical shit. I didn’t really care for that alternative ending where you see everything from the outside. I can live without it, I rather just see it from inside Shinji’s brain. Let me get the same acid trip. That’s what the whole anime has been up to that point so why does it have to be explained so clearly?


Welcome to the Ballroom; oh how I love sports anime. It was a joy when I realised that we had an active subscription for Amazon Prime and I found this little gem. Beautiful people in beautiful dresses, working their asses off to swirl around beautifully on a crowded dance floor. Sweat, tears, blood, broken bones and jealousy. Everything a sports anime should have. And Sengoku. That’s important, all sports anime should have a Sengoku. The pro who goes soft for one noob.


This is when I have to log into Crunchyroll and check to see what anime I have there that I have watched and am watching right now. It’s always like this, I need some sort of reminder. Names are completely useless. 

Oh yeah, I watched Kids on the Slope. That’s all because of Raist and our conversation about music. I have written a long post about my love for that show so I’m just gonna link to that post. It was nice to once again meet the characters. I actually like the girl, Ritsuko, a lot better this time. The last time I mostly felt that she was in the way but this time I understood her a lot better. Kids on the Slope is an anime that has grown a lot on me and I look forward to the next time I watch it. Because I will watch it again. Some day. Not to day, not tomorrow, but some day.


Merman in My Tub. I did rewatch it for my 30 Day Anime Challenge. It was a must since I started to write about the quirky Wakasa and his buddies. It wasn’t really a burden, only being about 50 or so minutes in total. Also, it’s very funny and I do like the fujoshi fan service. The little sister is a little bit scary though with her brocomplex.


Recorder and Randsell. This is actually a surprise to me. A brother and a sister; Atsushi is a 5th grader who is 180 cm tall and looks more like a man than a boy. Atsumi is his 17 year old sister who, on the other hand, is 137 cm tall and looks like a 5th grader. Let’s just say, Atsushi doesn’t have an easy life. More than once does the police take him for a pervert when he tries to enter his own school or when he walks hand in hand with his own, same age girl friend. What can I say, it is absolutely adorable and funny. The episodes are only 3 minutes long which makes it a perfect anime to just binge for the fun of it. There isn’t much time invested in it if you don’t like it. (or love it like I do.)


I finished three anime I started to watch at the end of last year; The King’s Game, Evil or Live and The Idolm@ster: Side M. Of those three Idolm@ster wins by a million horses. I love my boys, there is nothing more I can say. Glittering stars, singing with the buttery voices. What’s best with that idol show is the fact that it is not a reversed harem. There is no annoying girl all the boys want. (like in UtaPri or Idolish) It’s all about the becoming stars and friendship and of course rivalry and such. I love it.

I didn’t hate the other two shows either but I was severely confused by them. Again, there are posts about both, so there are links to them as well.


Then I have started some which I have ongoing. Too many if you ask me, I should just stick to one at a time. My problem at the moment is that I read all these amazing blogs and see some awesome review I try not to read (but I always end up reading the first or so paragraph until I sense a spoiler coming up, then I stop.) and realise that the anime sounds interesting. Then I just have to take a little peek at it and, well, then it goes like this. So, what am I watching right now then?

Samurai Champloo. Boy oh boy, I love samurais. There is something elegant about samurais. And then there’s Mugen. (I realise now that somewhere on this blog there is a post in where I write that I am not that into samurais. After seeing Jin in SC I have completely changed my mind. Samurais are the best!)


Ore Monogatari!! Again, Takeo is badass and Sunakawa is pretty. I can get a little annoyed at Yamato from time to time because she is that kind of girl I don’t like in an anime; tiny and blushing and her voice is annoying. But she and Takeo are so cute together I can live with it most of the times.


Hoozuki no Reitetsu: Well, it’s hell. It’s Hozuki. I could just rewatch it infinitely.


Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin: This one I started just the other day. It’s dark and it’s violent and it made me cry already in episode two. I have seen four episodes so far and I already feel a bond to all 7 main characters. I root for them all and there is none I dislike (well, there is one I did dislike but he sort of proved himself after being really bad.). They all have their horrible past and as awful as I might sound, I look forward to learn more about their childhood. They are all locked up in a youth prison (or what you’ll call it. They named it a school but I would call it prison) and live together, all seven in the same small cell. I believe in this anime. I think it is really good. If it continues as it has started it is gonna be one of my favorite anime. (fun fact, the op is done by the same group; coldrain; who did the op to King’s Game. I love this op and I loved King’s Game’s op.)

Well, this is probably it. I might have forgotten something.

I also bought a huge amount of manga, everything boys love. That is mostly what I buy when it comes to physical manga for some reason. I have very little “regular” manga. Strangely enough. I should really start to buy other stuff as well. Too bad Beelzebub isn’t licensed in English. *moping*

  • La Esperanca vol. 1-7
  • I Hear the Sunspot
  • Just Around the Corner
  •  Ichigenme… The First Class is Civil Law vol. 1-2
  • Totally Captivated vol. 1-6
  • Romantic Illusions
  • Meeting You

So, this is it for my January. I really should do this every month. It is good for my brain to get some exercise and try to remember things that has happened.

Finally; this is my longest post to date. Yay me!



14 thoughts on “What Did I Even Do In January?

  1. Hell yeah that was personal. And you know what? That’s awesome, because it’s a brave thing to do. It might not even be an easy thing to do (which is probably an understatement of the year), but you are doing it nonetheless, which I think is something to be proud of.
    And then of course there are other things: let’s see🤔🤔
    You have written some incredibly cool posts, you are doing the anime challenge (and have almost completed it), exchanged comments with an awful amount of people (there’s this weird guy called Raist who keeps adding comments too….yeah I know, who does that right? 🤔), but most importantly of all, besides all the amount of animes that you have watched, you have a blog that is continuing to grow each and every day.
    All I can say is: it’s been a blast and an absolute pleasure following you the past few weeks (even though you keep expanding my to watch list 😂😂).
    Oh and on a relatable account I do that too..watching a few tiny bits of shows only to watch them in full at the end.
    On a mere serious note now (yes….that is very difficult and rare for me to do so bear with me here), keep having faith in yourself. You might not always be believing it from yourself, but trust me when I say this: you are one hell of a blogger with mad writing skills! 😊
    Looking forward to whatever you are going to come up with the coming month! But whatever it is, I know it will be very cool 😀

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Writing skills you say. Thank you. Sometimes my brain is in a turmoil and it feels like my writing reflects that. Like it’s all the same. Like there is no substance in it. It might only be my imagination but when I read everyone else’s posts they are much longer and has more content and are more serious while mine are just a bunch of words thrown together in a sentence. Ah well, I’m glad you remind me that I am awesome now and then. ❤️

      I tend to get a bit personal sometimes. People might get awkward but that’s how it is. It’s not me being brave it’s me being stupid. Or maybe ignorant or naive or god knows. Ah well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes: writing skills…as in skill in writing…as in writing something incredibly good because you really are an awesome and terrific person! And I will keep reminding you of that, every chance I get 😊😊
        You know what? Seriously now, I don’t think you are stupid at all. I think it’s terrific sharing personal things, because really, that what makes this a post worth reading. It’s you…you know what I am saying? So never think you are ignorant or naive or stupid..you are not. Your posts are highly worth reading. And just because someone else’s posts are longer, doesn’t mean they are better. In fact….it doesn’t mean that at all.
        Be confident in your writing: because it’s worth being confident in. I have faith in you: now keep having that same faith in yourself 😊😊
        Hmm…okay I admit it….yet another compliment heading your way here again lol 😂😂

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Fine, fine, I admit defeat. I’m gonna have faith. I am not this insecure always. Only on the bad days. I saved Irina’s post she wrote the other day. I’m gonna read that one whenever I feel down because it is a good reminder that I am not alone. And, today is a very good day. I’m thinking that as long as I think it is fun to write and at least one person enjoys it I am satisfied. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Okay, this comment really put a smile one my face. Really glad to read that you are having a good day 😊 And yes I really mean that. Something like that can just make me smile and be happy.
        And trust me: my insecurity is very terrible at times as well. So yeah, really no worries about that. But glad to see you are going to keep having faith in yourself: good for you 😊😊

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow that’s a brilliant amount of shows!

    I have to disagree with you for the end of evangelion film. Why not have both crazy mushroom scenes and plot? EoE was a lot more dramatic in my opinion which was why I liked it so much.

    And I want to check out Recorder and Randsell, it sounded really funny and was short so it’s not like it’s difficult or anything!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think most people disagree with me on the Eva ending. Idk, I just like the idea of being a bit oblivious as to what really happened. I don’t need the explanation to be clear, I like for it to be fuzzy so I can imagine it for myself. Interpret it my way. I really dislike movies or anime or whatever that feel the need to explain everything. I felt like that in this case. But I understand why most people like EoE a lot better. It is more action filled and dramatic and it explains a lot more of what happened.

      Do check out RaR, it is a funny little anime. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I see, sometimes it’s better to leave us guessing, it’s just what actually happened was so crazy we couldn’t really predicit it. I don’t think you should have one of your main characters turn into a massive angel and not show it! I get your perspective though.

        I’m going to watch it now, I’m looking for a youtube playlist with all the episdodes!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s a valid point.

        Oh, it’s on YouTube. I watched it on Crunchyroll. I never watch anything on YT. For some reason. Mostly because there is always some episode missing and it annoys me. But it seems like all the episodes are there of RaR and even if they aren’t it doesn’t really matter because it’s not as if there is any plot.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, I didn’t know you wrote a post like this until I navigated away from the Spam Attack one (it turns out I have 2 funny spam comments, but one’s in a language I don’t understand).

    Aside from Orenchi no Furo Jijou which you already know my feelings about, I’ve tackled Evangelion and Hozuki within my posts before. Ore Monogatari I saw when it was simulcasting, and it was hilariously cute and sweet. I have yet to get back to Idolmaster Side M after watching episodes 0 and 1 last season, but it seems like one of the better idol shows out there. Kids on the Slope and Samurai Champloo are on my PTW.

    I take my time with backlog shows, so in January I only finished watching Madoka Magica, Short Peace…plus one other series which, for the sake of surprise, I’ll reveal in a post next week. (Hint: It’s adapted from a light novel.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Idolmaster side M is probably my most favorite idol show I think of them all. That and Marginal #4.

      I’m sorry, this is gonna sound stupid but I don’t know which blog is yours. 😳 When I look at the address tied to your name it only says that the blog doesn’t exist. I feel a bit stupid for not connecting the dots because I really want to read it. Or, maybe I already do I just don’t have a clue right now? 🤔☺️


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