30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 21 (Goofy, Who’s Goofy?)

I never did a day yesterday, so today you get two.


Favorites are hard. I have a lot of favorites. This one I picked from the back of my head. Really, they come in a bundle because everybody in this little anime are goofy one way or the other.

Orenchi no Furo Jijou; that’s the anime. 4 minutes episodes about a merman living in the bathtub in a young man’s bathroom. Wakasa is his name, the goofy merman. Tatsumi is the young man who owns the bathtub. He isn’t just as goofy but he is the one who finds Wakasa on the shore to a heavily polluted river near his house, severely dried out.


A warm bath later and Wakasa is himself again and he resolutely decides that it is too comfortable to live with Tatsumi so he moves in. Well, he can’t really move out on his own with no legs and all, and Tatsumi isn’t really making any effort to throw him out either. Instead he oblige to Wakasa’s every need and buys bath salt that colors the water pink and bubbel bath that is supposed to save the heat from escaping the water. In reality the two young men end up having a bubble fight which obliterate all the bubbles instead.


Wakasa has three friends that comes to visit as well; an octopusman, a jellyfishman and a snailman. All three are equally as goofy as Wakasa in different ways and Tatsumi serves them all.


It is hard to describe Wakasa’s goofiness properly, you really should just watch the anime. It is short and it is amusing.

Okey, this became more of a “my favorite goofy anime” post but it can’t be helped.

The OP is one of the best ones I know. It is completely unrelated to the anime and you are so fooled by it if you think the anime is anything like it.

30 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 21 (Goofy, Who’s Goofy?)

  1. I like that OP, seems strange to be only 30 seconds though. I feel like I might go through your whole MAL account so that I can get your posts and comment better! This one seems pretty funny so I’ll look it up.

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    1. It’s only 4 minute episodes, thus only 30 seconds op. Would be strange with longer op than that. Haha, yeah, I do chose the least usual now. It’s more fun that way. And I try to stay away from Beel because he is coming up soon again. Otherwise I had a good candidate for this post.

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      1. Ah I thought it might be that, you would definitely love Saiki Kusuo, it’s the best short 4 min episode comedy I’ve seen and it has 120 episodes and a new season which is releasing this season!

        Being four minutes long now encourages me to check it out more! If a show is short but just alright I’ll watch it but if it’s long as well I sometimes feel like I’m wasting my time. I have no idea what I will think of the show yet though!

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      2. It’s only 13 episodes so it is really done in like 45 minutes. No biggie really. πŸ‘πŸ»

        I am def gonna check that out because it sounds like a really fun anime. It’s nice to have something short to watch when you eat or if you just have a few minutes to kill while waiting for something.

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      3. Haha, so that’s how you think. πŸ˜‰ About that though, I looked through my own completed list yesterday. I know you said at one point that I have lot of things you would never watch. I can see that, most of it is sport and boys love. I am wondering if I have missed to add a lot of stuff I have watched? The sport takes up an awful lot of space since every season and OVA gets its own post so everything sort of disappears on the list. But I should probably go through my list properly and try to figure out what I am missing. πŸ˜› You have a lot on your list I would never watch too. All the girls anime with cute girls is something I never watch. Harem is the worst thing I know (even though I watch reverse harmen when it comes to music anime but it is inevitable because I want the music and there is always a girl composing the boys music. I can’t watch girls music anime because I can’t deal with the girls in those. I overall don’t like that type of girls.)

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      4. Yeah it is, sometimes I just want to look better without putting any effort in, who doesn’t!

        Yeah you should fill everything in, it can tell you a lot about your tastes without realising if you use graph.anime.plus as well.

        Trust me I look at all the harem shows I’ve got there with shame and used the research to write a huge critique of the harem genre as a whole which is still ongoing!

        Have you tried K-ON! Though? It’s probably the ultimate cute girls x music show, if anything’s going to change your mind it will be that.

        I’ve been watching anime for 2.5 years and those were the kind of shows I initially watched to get into anime. Don’t get me wrong I still think there are good cute girls shows but I feel like my taste has changed to something else. If it wasn’t for those shows that I watched at the start of getting into anime I’d say that our tastes are fairly similar.

        I’ve also seen that show now, I thought it was pretty good but I probably couldn’t have finished it or enjoyed it if it was a longer show.

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      5. Well, you are probably right on that. It is nice with a little less effort for a little bit more.

        I have a hard time with rating anime though. I always set a high rate for everything. I’m too nice. πŸ™„

        I can imagine the shame yes. I actually think I read a post on your blog about it. I don’t think you should be ashamed though, it is part of how you came to start. I started with BL and that was all I watched for the first six months or so, until I had drained the whole market for it. I have seen ALL bl there is. It is not an exaggeration. (well, I haven’t seen Super Lovers season 2 yet but apart from that, everything.) Then I moved on to sport and saw everything modern (say everything from 2005 and forward that I could find that wasn’t girls sport). After that I started to more other anime. And yes, I think we have very similar taste now that I have let those two genres rest.

        Yeah, the merman is perfect for that format. There really isn’t enough substance for longer episodes. I could see them build on it for more episodes but not a full time show. There is a manga. I am curious about how that is made, how the chapters are. It’s licensed though so it is probably hard to find on the internet.

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      6. You read the “You are rating anime wrong” post? Wow, I’m impressed. I think that’s the one your talking about? I impose a very strict system on how to rate correctly, it’s a bit elitist and I don’t follow it very well myself but it’s a good framework imo.

        I know what you mean I’ve not tried BL but I can see you thinking of it in the same way as I think of harems.

        You watched all of sport? Have you tried one outs? It’s baseball but it’s so strategic and interesting, the conspiracies are so cool and satisfying to watch unfold!

        To me the manga comes across as a 4 koma, which basically means it’s a single panel per page with a punchline on the last panel and the build up before. Wouldn’t be surprised if I’m wrong but it comes across to me that way!

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      7. I do agree that average is 5 and not 7 as so many people seem to think. I wonder why that is. No my problem is in the 8-9 tier and in the 4-5 tier. I mean, crappy is not hard to set and fantastic is 10. But your system is a little bit too complicated to my taste I think. I am not one to rate animation and sound and such, I just rate overall. That’s why I don’t write reviews on MAL.

        Nah, I love my BL and I am not ashamed of them at all. I still rewatch everything now and then.

        I haven’t seen One Outs, no. I haven’t even heard of it for some strange reason. πŸ€” Back then I used to watch on Kiss Anime and Gogo anime so I might have missed it there. It sounds interesting though so I should take a look. It’s been a while since I watched some ball sport.

        It’s a 4-koma yes. I like 4-koma, they are perfectly relaxed and funny little stories.

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      8. Yeah I remember making it confusing for people who wanted that structure, but it’s obviously optional. Yeah I don’t rate every category evenly so rating overall is good.

        Yeah I just love bringing high level strategy into sports shows instead of power of friendship or something like that.

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      9. I like the mix of it. Too much technical stuff and strategi takes the interesting part out of a sports anime I think because a team is so dependent on it’s teamwork and the dynamic in the team, end their relationship. So I want a bit of that too, otherwise you don’t understand what’s happening out on the field. A nice mix of both is the ultimate I think.

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  2. I have to admit something, I am not a huge fan of comedy….yes I know, I know…how could I not love comedy? But when I have to make a choice between watching something tense or a comedy I always choose the first thing. Sorry πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
    That said, I do like the premise for this. It sounds so ridiculous that it turns funny. When it comes to anime, there is one comedy that I absolutely adored. It’s an old series as well but it’s called Urusei Yatsura. It’s an anime that at times had me in tears from laughing when I watched it.
    You are right about the OP by the way, it looks completely out of place for this anime, but I guess that’s what makes it even funnier πŸ˜‚

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    1. Urusei is my number one favorite word in Japanese!! 😎 Anyway, gonna check that out. Comedy isn’t my thing either really, so no need to apologise. At least not when it is only comedy. I don’t mind comedy as a part of something but I prefer darkness and heavy before comedy. Unless it’s sport, then it’s okay with comedy. But there is so much more to sport than comedy.

      The good thing with this is that it is over after 45 minutes. It is only 13 episodes and only 4 minutes per episodes. And there isn’t really a story arch so you can watch one episode and be done with it. The most fun is when the friends is involved, especially the octopusman.

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      1. Erm well…erm…Urusei has over 185 episodes πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ But…I do think it is one of the funniest anime series that I have ever seen. It’s definitely retro anime…but I wasn’t lying when I said there were episodes that literally had me in tears with laughter.
        Good to see you like that too, as that usually is my favorite genre as well. Especially darkness. That doesn’t mean I am someone that lives in a cave and never speaks to people and is gloomy all day though. But I do love dark and heavy anime series *cough Psychopas cough **

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      2. Have you seen No Longer Human? It is a part of Aoi Bungaku Series. It’s the first four episodes (based on the book with the same name by Osamu Dazai). Extremely dark and depressing and so good. (I even made an AMV about it when I was feeling really low and had a bad period. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBLEVNTKtGA

        I’d like to see more of that kind of anime but I can’t find anything like that. Most of the anime I find have some sort of comic relief in it like a chibi or something but I want them to stay human. I think that is why I actually like King’s Game and Evil or Live even though they both were messes. There wasn’t really any comic relives. It was dark and violent. I need more of that. I don’t need funny characters. I need psychological anime.

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      3. I haven’t seen it: but I just watched the link to the video you provided (and ofcourse while I was there left a like and subscribed to your channel in the process lol), but that does look very dark and interesting to say the least. Definitely want to check this out😊😊 Thanks for that recommendation πŸ˜€
        True, in most anime there is some form of comic relief these days. I can give you two other recommendations that you might like. One is called Monster. It ranks amongst one of the darkest anime series that I have seen. The opening song alone is depressing enough and very dark. Here is a link to that song: https://youtu.be/n86hgIXc1BM
        You can watch the entire series for free on YouTube by the way.
        The second is Ergo Proxy. Even though I did not like it as much as I expected to like it, it still is as very dark and depressing series. There is definitely no humor to speak of in that one. Monster though is sublime.
        King’s Game was a mess…..but a real fun mess so to speak 😊😊

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      4. I’m gonna check out monster. The opening alone looks interesting. It’s also a plus that it is on YT. Ergo Proyx; I like the idea behind it. So it’s def going on my list.

        I don’t get why they feel the need to throw in some comic relief in that type of anime. What’s the point in making the characters go chibi all of a sudden in tense situations. Keep it horror or make a comedy out of it, don’t do both.

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      5. Monster is incredibly dark….I’m not kidding, but I think the atmosphere is one of the creepiest that I have felt in an anime. Ergo Proxy for me was a bit of a letdown, but I also liked it at the same time. But hey, when it comes down to dark and depressing shows, that one certainly is it πŸ˜€
        Hmm…well…that is going to happen in the beginning with your lie in april as well. But…I usually get turned off when that happens, but here for once, I am very glad that I stuck with it.
        But my preference definitely goes out to the more dark and sombre animes too 😊😊

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      6. Well, I could go and explain that in the comments: or I could do this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚https://raistlin0903.wordpress.com/2017/11/13/ergo-proxy-anime-tv-series-2006-2/
        Crazily enough, no idea why, it has become my most popular post since my blog started 😱
        I hope not…but else ofcourse you can hold me accountable for it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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      7. That I’m gonna read when I have answered all the comments I have to answer. Somehow, someone has been writing a lot of comments while I was lazying about this morning. πŸ˜‰

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      8. Comments? What are those? Never heard of that. And whoever that someone was….that sounds like a real pain. πŸ€”πŸ€” Somehow I got a lot of these, what did you call them again, comments ? as well all of a sudden. That really is a strange coincidence πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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      9. So, I am actually gonna check it out even if you wrote a somewhat negative review because it still sounds interesting. Talking and talking might be boring but then again, I like talking. 🀭 So, gonna give it a chance… one day. 😎

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      10. Haha: I like talking too. (No…really…wow…I know right what a suprise lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚). I guess Ergo Proxy is as series that you might have to watch a second or maybe even third time to fully appreciate. It was in nowhere near the lines of bad…but I really, considering all the hype surrounding it, was along the lines that I expected it to be 😊Hope you will enjoy it when you get around to it….one day 😊

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    1. Hey! Nice to meet you! 😊

      It is and it is perfect to be so short. Longer episodes and it would just be repeating itself I think. So yeah, 4 minutes merman is the ultimate goof. πŸ€—

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