Drop It Like It’s Hot: Devilman Crybaby (tw – blood)


I’ve been thinking a little bit about why I drop an anime. It doesn’t happen that often but just the other day I decided to drop Devilman: Crybaby. The anime has been so hyped and I liked what I heard and read about it so I was convinced I was gonna love it. It absolutely fit the profile of the type of anime I like; demons, horror, violence, gore, sex, supernatural. It’s all there. So, what went wrong? Why did I drop it?


I did see four episodes, that is almost half the series. I am a binge watcher. Normally it would take me two days tops to watch a series this short, but more likely I would sit through it in one day. I couldn’t even see two episodes in a row before I had to pause. I said to myself (and everyone else) that it was too intense. But really, was that the reason? I do know that it wasn’t the visuals, as I know many of those who dislike it has an issue with, that bothered me. I don’t care too much for how an anime looks, it can be horrible or it can be splendid. (truth be told, I don’t know what a bad animation is, I just watch. Long necks and missing noses (looking at you Super Lovers) doesn’t bother me at all.) As long as the story is good I’m fine. So, it wasn’t the animation.


What about the sex and the gore then? The first episode is filled with people fucking and girls masturbating, getting their arms ripped to pieces and heads torn off. Boys are heavily making out while rubbing their bodies against each other, high as kites, suddenly puking in some corner. Doesn’t that bother you? Not at all, I don’t mind drugs, sweaty bodies and sex. If anything, when they enter that rave party the first thing I think about is the scene in Matrix when Neo comes to Zion.


The nasty photographer then? He who takes pictures of half naked and naked boys and girls. I can admit that I was a bit disturbed by him. Or rather, I was a bit disturbed by the fact that Miki was so fucking stupid for falling for his scheme. Only aΒ bit though, it was more like incredibly annoyed. Anyway, it’s not enough to drop something.

So, again, why did I drop it? I felt that something was missing. Or rather, I felt that I was missing something. I am still not sure what it was I was missing but I suspect that I won’t find out even if I continue to watch. The story is too shallow after four episodes. I need more substance. I need more of the characters. I don’t need that much sensation and chock, it is completely unnecessary for the story I am convinced is in there somewhere. Although I am curious about the ending and conclusion of this anime I don’t feel the need to see the rest of the episodes. I am not curious enough. And that’s the key to me dropping it so resolutely; give me something to be curious about. I don’t care at all about why Akira is a Devilman or why Ryou wanted him to be one. I don’t care about what happened to Ryou to make him such a coldhearted and unsympathetic dude. After four episodes I should be at least a little curious. Now I just feel annoyed by the fact that I’m not.


I don’t drop that many series. Most of the ones I do drop I drop because I pause them in favor for something else and then I forget about them. That’s how forgettable they are. If they are forgettable then there’s no point in watching them, right? Sometimes I come back to them again and realise that they aren’t that bad after all. (that happened to me and Game of Thrones. It took three [sic!] tries before we actually started to watch it properly.) That will not happen to Devilman.

Well, I am not sure I really came to some sort of conclusion to why I drop certain anime, other than why I dropped Devilman: Crybaby. Ah well, that’s how it is.

41 thoughts on “Drop It Like It’s Hot: Devilman Crybaby (tw – blood)

  1. Congratulations. Dropping anime is a sign of maturity and better understanding of what you actually like about anime. Try watching Martian Successor Nadesico. Its a classic mecha and space opera anime, with lots of humor, and less emo and blood. The DC anime sounded horrible in its description so I avoided it entirely.

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    1. Well, I am actually pretty sure what I like about anime but thank you. I do like both emo and blood and I liked the premise for this anime but it totally failed for me.

      Mecha isn’t a genre I am that fond of but I checked out some clips on YT. The PVs concentrated an awful lot on the fight and that’s not really what I’m into. But thanks for the suggestion. πŸ™‚ I might check it out.


  2. Ooh: the suggestion above: Martian Successor Nadesico: I second that. Really such an amazing series: another one that is a Mecha series, but also not. You will especially like the humor in that one (even though I am as you know not a real big fan of comedy).
    Well…I was still a little bit in doubt if I should watch Devil Man, but after Karandi’s post, and now yours…I’m pretty much convinced that I am not watching this until I turn 80 years old…which pretty much amounts to never lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    1. Maybe I should take a look at that series then. It was just that all they showed in the pvs I found was fight and as you know, mecha with only fights aren’t really my thing. But I liked the visuals as the sucker for old anime I am. 😎

      80 is a long time in the future, hopefully you live but I am sure there are other Devilmen you can watch that we have dissed by then.😎

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      1. Well the fun thing about that series is that it looks like a mecha series…but it really isn’t just s mecha series. It really is much, much more πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
        Lol: yeah…I tried to be a little bit optimistic there, but I guess I kind of failed there didn’t I? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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      2. You are managing to convince me now… Yes, yes, I will take a closer look at that. I should up my mecha game anyway. But first I am gonna do The Big O.

        Yup, you failed big time. πŸ˜‚

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  3. I have now completed Devilman, mainly because this post reminded me the series existed and I ended up liking it and watching the whole thing!

    By far my favourite episodes were the first three so it’s interesting that you dropped it after those. The story does pick up but it’s not massively important and honestly the writing isn’t great in my opinion. I just like it for the visuals, animation, music and experience the show has and it’s not like I hate the writing!

    It seems to me that you didn’t like it’s unique visuals enough to get through the fairly bad writing, I don’t want to put words in your mouth but that’s what it kind of looks like to me.

    So you said that you’re not curious at all about this show, so I feel like I can tell you what happens so you can decide better or worse whether you did the right thing. Feel free to stop reading if you do get your interest back at any point. SPOILERS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! (You put a spoiler warning at the start of your post anyway but still…)

    The whole thing is one massive conspiracy for demons to take over the world. More devilmans appear, more main characters become devilmans and the world government who are devilmans use the fear of demons to turn humanity against themselves. The story is pretty simple but I felt like the aesthetic of the whole show really brought it to life and I liked it anyway.

    I’ve put a bit of a gap in case you don’t want to know what happens but might want to respond anyway, I know how these notification things work!

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    1. So, the story goes exactly as I thought it would. πŸ™„ I don’t mind the spoilers at all, I wouldn’t have picked it up again. Well, maybe because of the style because I do like the visuals a lot but I can’t just watch an anime no matter how good the visuals are if the story doesn’t appeal to me. However I can watch a good story even if the visuals are crappy (and that’s why I am gonna give Ajin another chance I think. I don’t like the visuals but I like the idea behind the story and to be fair I only saw two or three episodes with crappy resolution. But now Netflix has it so I assume the resolution is way better than when I watched it.)

      So, other than everything else I did like (the rap where a nice edition to the episodes, that I really liked), the story wasn’t good enough for me and I need story to watch. Even Evil or Live and King’s Game peaked my interest more than this. And they were both big messes.

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      1. Wow that’s saying something, those two were really bad even though I actually liked the idea of them.

        I took one look at Ajin’s visuals and moved on, I hope you can enjoy it though!

        I know what you mean I think the story is probably the most important and the other things only make it better, I don’t mind and sometimes even prefer watching things in 480p or less, I watched all of one outs in 240p on my phone and really didn’t care. Bad animation and visuals shouldn’t matter if the story is good, so I hope Ajin has a good story!

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      2. I am unsure of Ajin tbh. Demi gods are a nice thought and I do like the mc from what I have seen but yeah, I’ll just have to see. The problem I had last time was that it was so damn hard to see since it was so dark and pixly. So no story could save that. I don’t mind bad resolution when I watch on my phone either but when I sit and try to watch on the tv it is annoying. Although, the old anime isn’t done in higher resolution and they often look good anyway I think so that doesn’t bother me. It’s when new anime is scaled down it starts to annoy me.

        I’m busy at the moment anyway with Samurai Champloo and then I am gonna watch The Big O. A mecha, if you can believe it. I should watch more than one mecha I figure so. It looks cool.

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      3. Oh I know what you mean, it can sometimes look grainy and annoying, it doesn’t help when you’re a bit short sighted either! And yeah I could probably only watch 240p on my phone, I think I watched one outs a bit on my laptop but it didn’t last too long!

        I’ve heard nothing about the big O and I didn’t like Samurai Champloo, even so don’t let me stop you! Now that I have all this free time because I don’t need to write Eva episode reviews I can now check more stuff out!

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      4. Raistlin recommended The Big O so I am gonna take his word for it being good. It looks awesome, has this kind of noir feeling to it. And the music sounds great, what little I have heard. It’s an older anime to boot so it has to be good.

        How can you not love SC, Mugen is the bomb!😱 😎 He is training a stag beetle pulling a little rock for goodness sake. 😍 πŸ˜‚ Yeah, I can see how one can not like it though. I love it, it is fascinating to watch the odd trio making their way, searching for something they have no clue about. All the feels. Also, I love the OP. 😊

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      5. Alright I’ll have to check it out, I’ve been saying that a lot lately but I really do want to give these ones a go!

        How can I not love SC? I have to make you aware that you’re talking to someone who disliked both versions of FMA! I have great reasons for not enjoying SC and FMA’s;I find them boring, I can appreciate them and say that they do things better than other shows but it doesn’t make them any more fun or entertaining for me to watch. I do want to like these shows and “fit in” but I just can’t do it, they both feel quite underwhelming to me.

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      6. I don’t know what FMA is. I wasn’t serious though, I can see how someone would find SC not entertaining. It is a slow burner. That’s what makes it cool to me. It’s the subtle things I like. And there is no unnecessary romantic stupidity. But the fights are dope. But again, I can see that they aren’t if you want fights like those in Attack on Titan or Naruto or some else Shounen anime. Then they are nothing.

        I don’t watch SC to fit in. I hadn’t even heard of it when I started to watch it, I just happened upon. So I have no idea if it is a must see or not, if it is popular or badly rated. I don’t really care. The only anime I actually have seen because people say it’s a must is NEG and I am gonna watch Cowboy Bebop since the whole world is talking about this masterpiece. πŸ™„ πŸ€” Let us see if I agree. Maybe, maybe not.

        I think that is you like mecha it might be interesting. Raistlin is a big mecha fan and I suspect his taste is somewhat awesome. He at least has made suggestions to me with me only having seen only NEG in mind and me not being that fancy of only robot fights but wanting the psychological side of it too. So, I believe in him.

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      7. FMA is full metal alchemist btw.

        Oh I never meant that you watched shows to fit it, I mean that sometimes I don’t like having controversial opinions for well loved shows like SC. It’s pretty popular because it’s made by the same guys as cowboy bebop which I think is a lot better.

        Also is NEG NGE?

        I don’t really know who Raislin is, I think I might have seen his blog but left because he doesn’t seem to write about anime. But if you trust him, I do as well!

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      8. NEG is NGE yes, I turned it around by mistake. Sorry. Oh FMA is Full Metal Alchemist. I haven’t watched that. I have heard of it. It might be on my list, can’t remember. At the top of my head, I am not even sure what it’s about.

        I have no idea about studios and stuff but I know that it is kind of stupid to like things just because they come from the same studio. It doesn’t say that much about a particular anime I think.

        Raistlin is blogging about a little bit of everything; anime too but a lot about movies and korean series also. He is nice, likes to comment on your posts and he has interesting thoughts on your posts. He usually follows back if you follow him.

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      9. Yeah if you ever watch FMAB you will probably get really annoyed at me for having that opinion, nobody has ever told me they agree with me.

        Oh of course but some studios can consistently make shows better than others. So if you notice that you like a lot from one specific studio but they’re releasing a show you think looks bad it lets you try it out hoping that they’re style will continue. It’s the same for directors.

        Nobody should criticize / like shows based on studio alone. For example I would say that I hate A1 Pictures and hate 95% of all their shows. Now I don’t hate these shows because I hate A1 Pictures, I hate A1 Pictures because I hate these shows. It’s that kind of thing.

        Ha ha, I can see your agenda working! Good job for advertising your friend! I’ll give him a second look when I can!

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      10. Haha, Raist doesn’t really need that much advertising, he has plenty of followers as it is. But he’s a sweet guy. 😊

        Oh, I am not gonna be annoyed by you even if I don’t agree with you. 😎 I probably dislike a lot of anime others find amazing. Right now I can’t come up with something though. πŸ€”

        I get how you think with the studios and it makes sense. I am glad I have no idea about studios anyway because I feel I would get biased I think if I did know about the studios and looked up which studio made what anime as soon as I found a new one. I can feel that with directors sometimes. One of my favorite directors are Stanley Kubrick and I would like everything he has ever done, no matter if it is bad or good because it has his name on it. It is completely wrong, I should be more critical than that but I am not. It’s ridiculous. And I feel like that’s how some people are with the studios.

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      11. Some people are like that. I don’t think they should be paid attention too a whole lot but they all tend to make the same kind of shows a lot of the time, For example Studio IMS. It works both ways, if you disliked a kind of show from a certain studio you know not to try a similar looking show that they’ve also made. That’s the only real way I find them useful.

        I don’t go out of my way to look up studios though, at some point it just kind of happens.

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      12. I’ve spent way too much time replying to Karandi, who I’m following now, today and I’ve been checking Dylbag out as well so I’ll probably check him out tomorrow, I’m way too tired for this!

        I love the comments, I really do but somethings wrong with me if I spend two hours of my day (like I did today) just replying to comments.

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      13. Exactly as me then. I have been sitting here now since like ten after ten and done nothing but answering comments. My plan was to read some posts but I don’t have time. I want to answer all comments, it’s important. I like to talk to you people. And no, it’s nothing wrong with you. You are just popular. We like you, that’s all! 😊

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      14. Aw thanks, I really like everyone too, I just sometimes feel that theirs no reason why a comment conversation couldn’t take place over a couple of days instead of the same one when I’ve got a massive headache and it’s really late! It’s a good problem to have though!

        I find it funniest when I’m trying to read somebody’s post and the person who wrote it keeps sending me reply’s / comments. It’s strange when the creator is the one stopping you reading their work! (Of course I’ll do both anyway but it’s still funny).

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      15. I think it is totally fine if a conversation is over a few days. Why not, it’s not as if the comments are going anywhere and you can always read back if you have forgotten anything. My issue is that comments are gathered in a pile and I don’t have enough time to catch up to them all. I take them one at a time from the bottom and then I answer and it can take hours. But eventually I get to the top and the next day there are equally as many. It’s a nice problem though.

        It is funny, in a strange way. That’s why I don’t always respond right away when I get messages, because I am reading something and I want to finish what I have started.

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      16. True, I do the same thing, switch to the unread tab and work my way through them all!

        And that’s probably better than stopping everything to respond because chances are the other persons online as well and you’ll forget what you were doing!

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      17. I now! I think that is kind of cool. I like that. we have a lot to talk about. I also like that fact that we don’t always agree but our conversation never gets nasty, we are always on good terms. It’s nice. 😊

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      18. Yeah some are more argumentative than others but very interesting non-the-less! Disagreements are interesting and I like coming to a better understanding of the other side even if I disagree!

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      19. Of course. I like to discuss but I think one can do that and have different opinions without start an argument. I rather leave then keep going on and on. I avoid discussions if I notice the person being the kind to drive their point further than necessary. Does it make sense?

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      20. Yes. (Not driving the point further than necessary!)

        Also I find myself getting into arguments on things I agree with people on sometimes, while I’m trying to tell the person that we already agree!

        Say you’ve got two points A and B, A is massive, and really important but you already agree on B. I really dislike it when people argue about B, already agree with me, and ignore the rest of my argument (A). That was how my first (and hopefully last) fallout happened.

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      21. That’s so strange (and stupid) but I guess that is because the person in questions doesn’t want to discuss point A or don’t know/understand it and thus put all the focus on point B to try to get you off that topic. I can’t see why else they would avoid it.

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      22. They seemed to think their opinion of B was revolutionary or new or something and just thought he had something to say. They clearly cared strongly about B and that’s why they got angry.

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      23. IDk, I have a feeling that if you saw the conversation then you might not agree with me as much, that point B stuff made me angry and act irrationally. If you do come across the comments know that I’m different now and wouldn’t try to respond in such an angry way, whether or not I thought the other person was just stupid.

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      24. Maybe, maybe not. But somehow I understand if people get angry so I might be able to see past it. πŸ™‚ I promise I won’t judge if I ever would happen upon them. Also, I know how you are now. 😊

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