Blogger Appreciation Award pt 2 (nominees)

So, I never nominated anyone yesterday but I am gonna do that now. I decided to nominated people I follow that has under 50 followers. Everyone I follow are, as I said yesterday, amazing but I’m giving these a little extra love today. Go check them out, they are awesome. For rules and stuff, go take a look at my post from yesterday.



Their latest post (about Naruto and Boruto)

Original Originality

Their latest post (about Cardcaptor Sakura)

Review Panel

Their latest post (review: Patema Inverted)

Purposefully Lackluster

Their latest post (The A1 protagonist)


Their latest post (Shout out for Kokkoku)


Their latest post (Drop, watch, hold […] )

The Xenodude

Their latest post (Prospects for winter)


Their latest post (30 days of anime challenge: day 21)

You have probably already been given this award but can you really get too many? I think not! You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want, I just want you to know I appreciate you.

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24 thoughts on “Blogger Appreciation Award pt 2 (nominees)

      1. Haha, I suspected so but I can’t sit here and assume things you know. 😎 That would not be very humble of me and I am a very humble girl. Most of the times at least. Also, up here in the north we live by the rule of Jante so I have been fed with the nice words of “Don’t think that you are that special.” and “There is always someone who is better than you.” Nice way of raising your kid, right? 😣

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      2. Haha…that is a really nice way to this raise your kid. But…sometimes you might also think about the fact that at times you might be more special than you yourself might realise.
        Ofcourse as for the other thing…I really have no idea what you are assuming at this moment lol 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

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      3. 😎 🐧

        I think it is better to raise ones kid to actually think that they can be someone. And that they have value. I had( sometimes still have) very low selfesteem because of this nice little way of upbringing. To always get to hear that it isn’t good enough even though it actually isn’t bad is damaging for a child. It leaves scars. And people wonder why I am fucked up in my brain. (apart from my bipolar then. 🙄 ) But, now I am not gonna complain, there are good things in my life too and I am not a little kid anymore. So, that’s a plus! 🤗

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      4. Sometimes one is allowed to complain. But I am glad to read that there are also good things in your life, which is awesome 😊😊
        I at times still suffer from low self esteem as well, so I can relate. I definitely understand what you are saying there, as I have heard that said to me many times as well.
        And….well…I have learned to cope and deal with it. So I am a little crazy at times…who cares,,,sometimes being crazy is good.
        Oh and for the record, I don’t think there is anything wrong with your brain: just so you know 😊😊

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      5. Thanks. 😊 Well, a dysfunctional bran can be interesting too. 😎 🤗 😂 Nah, I am mostly sane and I almost always remember that I am not that young girl anymore. I am a grown up woman who decide over my own life and I am damn good at it and no one can take that away from me. It is nice to be older actually because you don’t have to care as much as you had when you were 20. I don’t bother with what others think anymore. I decided that a few years ago, to not give a crap. So what if people think that I am strange or dumb or ugly or whatever, it’s their problem. It doesn’t concern me.

        Crazy is good. I think that is the sane way to be; a little crazy now and then. 🤗

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      6. That is truly one of the best comments I have read all day. That’s exactly right and pretty much how I live as well these days. So people don’t like me…it’s their loss. I am pretty much done with caring about the people who don’t give a damn (pardon my French). It’s much more interesting to invest time in the ones that do matter 😊😊
        And being normal is so boring; I’m proud of the fact that I am actually a bit crazy…although some people would argue that I am completely insane lol 😂😂

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      7. You French is much more polite than mine. 😉 And you are totally right, I only give of my time to people I like. I don’t see the meaning in spending time unnecessarily on people who I dislike and who dislike me. I have had enough of sucking up in my life.

        Let them argue that, you and I know the secret behind being crazy. 😎

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      8. Haha: yes and I am definitely not going to give that secret away anytime soon 😂😂
        But true after realising that: I all of a sudden had much more time on my hands, which is good (still wonder why I don’t have enough time though…hmmm I really have no clue 🤔🤔🤔).

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      9. If one could solve the problem with time one would be a billionaire times a billion by now and one would have won all the Nobel prizes (except the one in literature because, well, literature.) there are. That would be cool though.

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