Blogger Appreciation Award!


I am flabbergasted. Another one. Well, he said they would come raining down. The man who, when I write this, have 999 followers. The man who have nominated me. Thank you Raistlin0903. It means a lot to know that you appreciate me. It’s a mutual feeling. ❤️ People, if you don’t know him, you should go check him out. He is awesome!

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The Rules of the Award:

The rules are simple.

(1) Thank the blogger who nominated you, link back to their site.

(2) Write a paragraph of something positive about yourself.

(3) Nominate and notify as many bloggers as you wish.

(I am not gonna nominate anyone because I am appreciating just about everyone I read and everyone who reads my blog. Please, tell me something positive about yourself, here in my comments or make a post on your blog. Consider yourselves nominated!)

(4) Use the award image.


Man, it is hard to come up with something positive about oneself. Especially when you have grown up with a bad self esteem and being very self conscious as I have. There is one thing though. I am not sure it always is a good thing though but people see it as a very sympathetic treat; I am very empathic. I listen to whoever needs to talk and I have the ability to understand. I see the good in people easily (but I can also be very hard if someone betray me.) and treat most people fairly. But, I am not sure if it just a blessing to feel this much empathy. Sometimes it is a curse. I want to take care of the people around me and I am always the one who loses in the end. But I am much rather this empathic than completely cold and emotionless.


Wow, was that even something positive? I don’t know. I can be fun to hang around. I have a rather dark humor and I am easy to talk with about uncomfortable topics like death and mental illness.

This was actually very fitting as an end to this post, me being bipolar and all.

Well, that’s all peeps. If you ever feel like talk just holla and I will come. (fun fact; a friend of mine thought Gwen Stefani sung Holland back girl instead of hollaback girl. Makes perfect sense. 🤣)




14 thoughts on “Blogger Appreciation Award!

  1. I don’t think you can have to much empathy and i admire the fact that you still have such a strong sense of it even after being hurt by it. Empathy is something i struggle with depending on the individual person. I am very easy to judge. But, i am aware of this fault and always push myself to be a little kinder and friendlier then i want to be and it had made for some wonderful memories and friends i wouldn’t have otherwise.

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    1. I don’t know, I have tried to turn it off or tone it down but I just can’t. Everyone around me tell me to not bother about people around me because they see how bad I react to certain things (like for example the whole thing with the immigration and how people have been treated) but I can’t. I try but I am still feeling for them. I think it is admirable that you know your faults and try to change yourself. It is easy to give up. And tbh, most people don’t feel empathy towards everyone. It is hard to do that. I mean, there are people who it is hard to find anything good in.

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  2. That’s interesting, I’m glad you’re still a really nice and empathetic person still despite it all! You definitely deserve the award, I really like seeing what you write! Your comments are also really fun too!

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    1. Thank you! 😊 Well, right back at you, I appreciate your blog too, very much. 😀 Well, I think that empathy is to one degree something you are born with and in some part something you can learn. But if the will to learn isn’t there then there isn’t much to do. It’s sad but it feels like people have been colder now than what I can remember from when I was little. Or maybe I just wasn’t aware. There’s so much hate atm, at least here in my country. 😔

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  3. Wow, it seems these days there is some kind of masterplan for making me blush every day or something. This is really humbling and so very kind of you to say tang about me: thank you so much 😊
    I think having a lot empathy is definitely a positive trait, and something you can be proud of. Like you say: it’s better to have to much empathy, than walk around stonecold without any emotions.
    So in case you were still in doubt: it’s a very positive thing to have. Thanks again for this very kind post: don’t forget that you are very awesome yourself, and I look forward to your posts and exchanging comments again in the upcoming days, weeks, months and years 😀😀

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    1. If I can make you blush then I am happy. 😊😎 But you know what, you deserve every praise you get, from me and everyone else who give it to you. ❤ And thank you for thinking I am awesome. That makes me feel a little bit more awesome every day. 🤗 Comments are good, I like your comments, let's keep the comments come. 👩‍💻

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      1. Aww, thanks so much for your kindness: that really is very sweet of you to say 😊😊 And as I said: you deserve it just as much: so never forget that either 😊😊
        Haha, and no worries, the comments will keep coming 😀😀

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