30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 16 (Beautiful Animation)


Who decides what the best animation is? What I like isn’t to everyone’s taste, right? Many say that Ajin is a master piece while I really think it looks like shit. But who am I to judge. I know absolutely nothing about animation. My mind is very simple so if things shine they are pretty. And I think this series of anime is shiny. It is such a pretty animation and I am completely amazed by it. I am so infatuated with it I never get tired of these four (well, actually five anime since Robotica x Robotics is made by the same creator) anime; This Boy Caught A Merman, This Boy Is A Professional Wizard, This Boy Suffers From Crystallization and This Boy Can Fight Aliens.

Robotica x Robotics

I am just gonna leave some gifs from the different anime and you can judge for yourself and then you should just watch them. They are absolutely stunning. (also, shounen ai, but not really, more like No. 6 if I were to describe it. You can safely watch it even if you don’t like boys love.)

This Boy Suffers From Crystallization
This Boy Can Fight Aliens
This Boy Is A Professional Wizard
This Boy Is A Professional Wizard
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This Boy Suffers From Crystallization
This Boy Is A Professional Wizard
This Boy Is A Professional Wizard
This Boy Caught A Merman


14 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 16 (Beautiful Animation)

  1. Animation styles are definitely very personal. I’ve seen people praise some animations that I really didn’t like at all. But when thinking about the ones that I really liked it has to be Attack on Titan, Your Lie in April and Ghost in the Shell.
    Looking at the pictures you have provided: I like that style: especially, the two from This boy is a Proffesional Wizard😀

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    1. I am not sure how to describe them. The counts as shounen ai but the boy who can fight aliens are more about him and his feelings of being lonely. That’s not at all bl I should say. Robotica robotics isn’t really either. Ugh, it’s so hard to describe because it’s about love and feelings but it’s not focused on romance and drama or what you find in the usual romance bl anime. I don’t watch yuri because I just don’t like two girls in a relationship but in these the gender doesn’t matter. I would watch it no matter. I probably make no sense. But if you should chose any of them and don’t want to see bl then choose alien and robotica robotics. The last one is only ten minutes.

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      1. Oh! These are not the ones to start with then. Most people have started with Gravitation. It’s a good start. Hitorijime my hero is also good. That’s actually what I would recommend.

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      2. But you should watch them anyway. 😉 Just because they are beautiful. I just don’t want you to be disappointed on the aspect of BL. Although, the wizard is the most BL in.

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      3. To be honest I’m not sure how I’ll like the bl. I didn’t care for the little bit of yuri I’ve seen. To be honest… I Thought Shonen Ai Was a Term for a more implied romance. I’ve since looked it up. Love stage sounds really good. I’ll definitely watch these. Short beauties.

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      4. I don’t like yuri at all. That’s not my thing. Not sure why but it’s different to me. Not everyone like bl and that’s fine. I mean, it’s a genre among all. Give it a shot. If you don’t like it then you don’t. Love stage is hilarious. Shounen ai is the more innocent versionen of BL. If you want implied romance then you should watch No. 6. It is not a shounen ai, even though some classify it as one. The author of the novels however has never said that it is. But the feeling is there. It is a really good anime. I love bromances because you get the closeness but not necessarily the next step to lovers. That’s why I watch so many sports anime.

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      5. Now I know!! You should start with Love Stage! It’s light hearted. It doesn’t really have that typical yaoi trope with the seme forcing himself on the uke and such. It’s funny. The mcs are cute, both of them. There is some brocon which in this case is very endearing. I would start with this.

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