Spam attack!

Well, not really an attack. I don’t get that many spam. Actually, I had two in my spam folder (do you say that, spam folder? Idk, I do now.) at the moment. One made me giggled and I immediately started to think of a little fiction I might write. I write fan fiction you see and it would fit perfectly for one.

I ddo knoԝ!? Stated Larгy. ?I bet he likes angels as
a result of he has them round all the time. Pehaps he and thhe anges play household video games like wee do sometіmes.Maүƅe they pⅼay
Monopoly.?This maⅾe Mommy snigger really hard.

Yeah, it might not be as fun for you as it is for me still, don’t blink when the angels are near.

giphy (1)
If you play some nice upbeat music to this it gets a lot funnier. Just saying.

13 thoughts on “Spam attack!

    1. I know, right. 😀 Under the comments section under manage. (I’m on my computer, no idea on mobile devices I only read on those. It’s such a hassle to write on.)


  1. Damn it, I always wanted to do this series but you beat me too it! WP spam is so brilliantly funny. Mine always talk about Larry as well and often Christianity as well as their daddy. They’re really brilliant! A work of art in their own right!

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    1. Do it! I have only one more spam so there’s really no more spam to make a series of. Someone else already beat me to it. I just found this one particularly fun (for me then) because of the angels. It’s most likely one of a kind thing.

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