30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 14 (I’m Coming Back)


I can’t say. I really, really can’t say one. It is impossible. What I can say is that I tend to rewatch slice of life anime; Kimi to Boku, Tsuritama, Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari, Barakamon, Nagi no Asukara… I can go on but I won’t because I think you get the idea.

original (2)

I like to rewatch what I like. I like to be familiar with the characters. To belong with them. I already know them when I rewatch and I find other sides of them the second or third or fourth time. It’s like when I read the manga the anime is based on. Because I almost always do that if I have seen an anime I really like.


Another thing I can rewatch over and over are boys love anime. Yeah, fujoshi ahoy! There aren’t too many out there, I have almost everything worth watching and most I have seen more than once. Again, I mostly rewatch the slice of life type of boys love like Junjou Romantica, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Love Stage.


And then she said Beelzebub. Not yet, but soon. I know I will watch it again. I am in love with everything that is Beelzebub. Everything. I can catch myself thinking about some stupid little thing Baby Beel might have done, like fight a big stag beetle he is terrified to death of. Of Oga trying to, for the fifth time, hand over the baby to someone less evil (that he thinks is more evil) than him. There is always something leading back to them. I don’t think I have thought this much about an anime before. Strangely enough.


Well, I know I haven’t followed the rules of this challenge today but I just can’t. Well, punish me if you must. I will obey to whatever you say. Maybe.

12 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 14 (I’m Coming Back)

  1. Haha: those are difficult to name. I have so far rewatched only one Animeseries and that is Macross Frontier. The next will be Attack on Titan…and I think both of these will never get old, that’s for sure. That Beelzebub…it’s growing on me! You really can be very convincing, that’s for sure 😊

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    1. I just wrote an answer to my dear Beel that goes like this:

      “I hope you like it then or else I have to crawl back behind my sofa for deceiving everyone.”

      Maybe I am overdoing it with all my love but there are roses and pastel stars around that anime, in my head.

      I’m gonna watch Macrosse, you’ve convinced me. 👐🏻

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