12 Years Ago…

Achievements and goals. Who knew WordPress would become this huge. Before that I blogged in other places. Places that no longer exist. Well, here’s to another 12 years.

32 thoughts on “12 Years Ago…

    1. Haha, yeah that would be something. I do have that blog still but it is private and I don’t write there atm. It’s just ordinary life mostly. A lot about my mental health. I lived a lot for the day back then with all the ups and downs. It’s not in english though.

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      1. I can understand wanting to keep that to your self then! It sounds quite personal so I can’t blame you for not releasing it, I don’t think I’d trust google translate enough to read it anyway!

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      2. Well, our dear friend mr Google is a bit of a air head at times. I wouldn’t mind sharing it though but since it is in Swedish I don’t think anyone would read it and enjoy it. And it is old by now. Not even I am sure I know what I was up to then. Probably watching a whole lot and movies and listening to music and that’s what I was writing about when I didn’t write about how I was doing. If i remember correctly I had some therapist telling me to write a daily journal about my mental status. That’s in there. And food, it’s about food. And cats. I think that sums it up pretty well.

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      3. That is a problem. When I get inspiration I write a lot and then I loose interest and stop completely. After a few weeks up to months I get back to it and then I write for hours upon hours again for several weeks (or months depending on mood). I could probably never live as an author, I am too whimsical. But it’s fun when the feel is there.

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      4. Yeah I find it bad because I have to read the whole thing again to remember the story, then I realize it kind of sucks and don’t care about it anymore. This has given me an idea to release some of my bigger projects, it might motivate me to get back to them! I’d be quite interested if you did that but obviously it’s your choice.

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      5. What if you don’t write long stories? Only short stories. I took a writes class once (twice actually) and we wrote like 3-4 pages. Just short stories about a topic of the teachers choice. All to learn about something specific like describing the environment or how to keep a conversation. I’m not saying you should train that but that made me think that I should write just short stories instead of stories that are 200.000 words long (I have those too). So now, when I write FF I write those short stories with around 2000 words instead. It’s kind of liberating. You’ll get it done in a few hours and you can keep the idea alive all the way through.

        I unfortunately only have one story that isn’t boys love (yeah, I know ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™ˆ ) uploaded at the moment and that one is a fanfiction. I am no master at writing in English and I am an amateur and it was a while since I wrote it but you are welcome to read it if you want to. I am curious about your writing too. ๐Ÿ˜€

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      6. That’s actually a really good idea, you can sort of explore one topic without really getting bored of it! Theirs a series of light novels or novels called boogie pop where each chapter is told from a different persons’ perspective. So even with that approach you could still write a bigger story anyway told through the perspective of many people.

        I might have a look for that story as well!

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      7. That’s a cool idea! When I started to write I wrote in a first person perspective. It’s a hassle because you can’t really know what the other characters are thinking and doing when they aren’t near. Then I used to make just one paragraph in third person when necessary or just for fun from someone else’s POV. Now I mostly write third person because it is so much easier. But the idea with first person and different persons each chapter is interesting.

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      8. I agree that third persons easier but both have their advantage. I like to make my protagonists really dumb so that they don’t know a lot of information, subtly placing ideas in the background for readers to pick up on, I find this harder from a third person perspective. One of my old characters would have died for a cause he believed in while the reader might be able to work out that the conspiracy he had in his head never existed in the first place.

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      9. That’s cool! I agree, it is probably much harder in third person. I have written in second person sometime. That is challenging, but very fun too. It takes some thinking to not make it sound stupid.

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      10. Yes, you write like: “You are walking up the stairs into the dark room where Dick sits on a chair.” It’s very strange but you get used to it. Not many authors write like that and it is not my choice either but we had to do it at my writers class. It can be very intense and it can just be strange.

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