30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 10 (Let’s Kick Some Ass)


I can’t go with Beelzebub again, can I? Yeah, I didn’t think so.


Okay, even though I haven’t finished season two of Shingeki no Kyojin I will name it my (second) favorite fighter anime. Why? Because. That’s a good enough reason, yeah? No, but seriously, they kick ass, that’s what they do; Eren, Mikasa, Levi…


I don’t think I need to explain anything about SnK really, most people know what it is about; giant titans taking over the world, eating the little people trying to kill them while swinging in thin metal vines.


Well, that’s about it. I could have said Bleach too because I really like what I have seen of that but I haven’t finished enough episodes to name it my favorite just yet. Right now it’s on hold. And I am blabbering on about Beelzebub all the time it seems so I thought I should give you something else for a change and I do like SnK very much. I have and have read the manga too so yeah, it is my choice for this post.

Also, who can’t like an anime with a guy like Levi?

giphy (10)


9 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 10 (Let’s Kick Some Ass)

  1. This is an interesting one for me. SnK was the anime that got me into anime as a medium but when I came back to season two I really started to dislike it and eventually dropped it, it’s a shame really but it’s a fine choice, not criticizing your taste or anything! I expect you to probably critize mine!

    For me it has to be HxH 2011, the characters, and scenarios felt really unique and different in a brilliant way that kept me fascinated apart from the first half of the 2nd to last arc.

    I think this change came from reading the manga, I got to all that conspiracy stuff with the Reeves corporation and crowning some girl and it completely bored me and made me not care because it was different and I didn’t get it. It just made me look badly on the whole series.

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    1. I have never seen HxH so I can’t say much about it. I want to see it though just don’t know when I’m gonna squeeze it in. I saw some episode but it was the oldest one and I wasn’t that impressed. I heard that 2011 is way better.

      As for SnK and season 2. I got spoiled about Mike and his death and there was something else too which made me really angry and annoyed. There is a certain part of the fujoshi fandom that is completely stupid in the head about SnK and Levi and Eren particularly and they write too much on Tumblr and someone there thought it fun to make a post about everything that happened after season one. what we could expect in season two. The first paragraph in that post was about Mike and his death. No spoiler alert or anything. And I had purposely not read the manga up until the end of season one because I didn’t want to be spoiled. (I can’t read the manga and then watch the anime. It has to be the other way around. It gets completely wrong and I get disappointed otherwise.) So yeah, when I started to watch I knew too much and I put it on hold/dropped it after a few episodes. But I want to finish it because I do like it.

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      1. Yeah I see. When you said Mike I had no idea at all who you were talking about and when I googled it I still had no idea. There are only 6 characters in SnK to me: Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Levi, Sasha and detective girl. The rest just blended into the background and just felt so minor and inconsequential, when they introduced new titans and told us who they were I had no idea they were there the whole time! I’d rather they be mere strangers because that’s a lot more realistic to me. In mysteries I often find myself thinking it’s just some other stranger who’s committed the perfect crime and escaped without ever being detected and it’s this kind of thing for me.

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      2. Detective girl lol. She is awesome! I know what you mean. I have no idea about the names on most characters but I knew about him because I liked him a lot.

        I have huge trouble with names in general in anime. Not just with big casts where it is not realistic to remember but always. My memory sucks though so that might be it. Ah well.

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      3. In HxH the first three episodes are fairly normal before going into really cool things. As well as this I was really impressed with the character development, I teared up when I went back at the start to see the changes that had taken place with the characters.

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  2. Snk is seriously soooo good. I’m actually going to rewatch it again next month as I haven’t done a review for that series at all (which of course is seriously not done lol). So great choice for day ten! Could not agree more 😀

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    1. The first time I heard of SnK it was under that name and that’s why I mostly use SnK. Although I do use AoT as well since most people that isn’t familiar with anime still know about AoT.

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