Why Reviews, Why?

I don’t read reviews. Well, sometimes I do but it doesn’t happen very often because I find them to be spoiling me (in the wrong sense). Especially the new series I haven’t watched yet (since I rather binge watch and rarely start to watch until a few episodes have been aired or even it is already finished.) I follow a lot of lovely, talented people and I always rush to read your new posts and I get so disappointed when it is a new review uploaded.


Why!? I scream internally. Why?! I cry… internally because I would scare the cat and my husband would look strangely at me if I randomly shouted out my anguish for something so trivial, to him, as a new post I can’t read. I want to read, so desperately, but I can’t because, spoiler. I do read sometimes, and then I hit myself, figuratively, in my head, because, again, husband and cat.


Then there are times when I am happy to get spoiled (I thought I said I didn’t read *scratching my head*. Happy, because it saves me time when I don’t have to watch something lousy.


I think I just answered the question about why reviews. Timesaving. But, I don’t want to be spoiled. Only if it is chocolate and ice cream.


28 thoughts on “Why Reviews, Why?

  1. Well as someone who pretty much only writes reviews, I can say that I always try to avoid spoilers. I have so far written only one review that contained spoilers (and that was my rant for the new Star Wars movie…because without spoilers it was too hard to describe why I did not like that film). But I pretty much said in big Capital letters that it contained spoilers.
    Because I myself always want to be entertained too, I never give away big things about a series, just a general outline of the plot and then my thoughts on the show.
    But I agree: some reviews give away a lot: but that’s okay as long as it says so in the post itself that there are spoilers 😀

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    1. Exactly. I have read some reviews that have revealed the ending of the show and really, how is that even a good thing to do. Some people should maybe not write reviews at all or at least read a ton of reviews written by other people and learn before they try to write themselves. I know I suck at writing reviews so I am not even trying. Your reviews are actually one of few I do read (as for Star Wars, I am so spoiled everytime they have gone up on the movies here so I am perfectly fine with that. Also, that particular movie it is actually interesting to hear since so many people was so negative towards it.) Others I skim through and close my eyes if I see the tiniest spoiler.

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      1. Yeah, it’s okay if a review does that, but it should warn you about it. I also close my eyes for reviews that I don’t exactly know what yo expect from: it’s such a shame you know something in advance, especially if it’s for a thing that you were looking forward to a lot 😢
        The new Star Wars has divided the fans so much it’s scary lol.

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      2. I know right. My husband was very diplomatic when he came home from the movies. I think he liked it but I know he has friends that are more negative about it. This might be the most debated SW of all of them. It’s interesting I think. I’ll just have to watch it when it comes out on DVD and then make my opinion on it. 🙂

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  2. I agree with you 100%. I hate spoilers. Luckily, If it’s not huge or blaring, like “he dies”. Then i can over look some things and sometimes i forget others. It’s harder with movie spoilers, which i have actively avoided since 2012 due to a particular spoiler for marvels avengers i came across.

    I try not spoiling stuff in reviews, but it is very hard.

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      1. No!! That must have been awful. I am glad I wasn’t spoiled on that. I make my best to not be spoiled on any of Marvel’s movies before we have seen them. I would be so sad if I got to know anything that crucial. And also, Coulson. That was such a sad event. 😦

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  3. I understand that feeling (sort of I guess) since I also watch the shows all in one setting after it has finished its run (though I probably space them at 4 episodes per day).
    I tend to read reviews particularly if they are plotless slice of life shows (say maybe Lucky Star?) or if I don’t feel too hyped up inside about them, else I skip them (which apologies to bloggers who write seasonal/episodic reviews, I won’t be reading them except first impressions).
    But there’s still lots of fun stuff to read that’s not reviews. Although I’ve not done it yet, I am planning of visiting their sites at random and searching for those ‘perspectives’ reads.
    Still yea… I want to skip reviews of shows that I have labelled ’emotive’ to get the full experience :3

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    1. I sometimes go back and read reviews of shows I have already seen. That can be fun if the author has analyzed the episode or whole anime. Sometimes I also might read a first impression review of a first episode of a new show since there isn’t that many spoilers, if any, just to get a hunch of what kind of show it is. But as you say, I want to have the full experience and you don’t really get that with a review in your back. I like to go in blind.

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  4. I don’t mind spoilers but I hate reviews. They all just go over the exact same things or are relentlessly long and explain the entire plot which is not what I’m after. The posts I wrote before Eva month (and will write after) were never reviews and specific thoughts on ideas from shows instead of the whole thing. It’s just that I can read the synopsis and watch the first two minutes of the show to see if it’s something I’d like, reviews are kind of pointless to me.

    So good job I’m writing a review a day then! Tbh honest I’m fine with a review if it isn’t in the boring, structured MAL way. My favorite review is of ninja scroll and it’s litterally a guy just shouting “NINJA SCROLL! NINJA SCROLLLLLLL” and it expresses the hype of the show well.

    Also if your review is unbiased your doing something wrong, if you’re not throwing your opinion into it whats the point?

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    1. But your review of Eva is okey for me because I have seen the episodes and have something to talk about. It’s when I haven’t seen the episodes I don’t like to read the reviews. I’d love to hear what people think about an anime with their own words but without the spoilers. As you say about the Ninja man; that’s a review that would make me want to watch the anime. If it was a technical, monotone, non emotional post I would maybe not be interested and look it up. The power of emotions!

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      1. Yeah, he communicated the power and emotions of the show through his own emotion! It’s interesting that you talk about monotone and non-emtion because I’ve found that as well. Do you ever find your self instantly bored of a post for no real reason? I sometimes just give up way too early even though I’m probably being unfair.

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      2. Oh yes I do. There are plenty of those posts out there. Especially review posts. Also posts that are too neat. Where the author have given the post too much thought. I just stop reading and skim the post quickly to the end.

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      3. Me too. I always end up not commenting because I start to think that maybe I missed that point somewhere in the text I didn’t read and I don’t feel at all tempted to try and get it through just for the sake of making sure it didn’t.

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      4. Yeah, I often try and risk it though because I don’t really tend to assume that. I think one time I read the whole thing and the person acted like I only read a little and was a bit annoyed. Thats the worst though.

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      5. That’s not very nice. And a very strange way to behave. I mean, why assume that you haven’t read it? If you assume that then you must assume that people don’t read your posts properly and then I wonder why you bother to write that kind of posts to begin with.

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      6. True, some people can react badly towards comments. I thought I was giving some new information but they just went on to go something like this (hard to remember though): “If you read this bit “Quote that kind of reinforces what I said but not enough to indicate that I skipped the entire thing” you’d find that…” I think it was worse than that but it was that kind of thing, I don’t even think too badly of the guy because I’ve had falling out over stranger things to do with anime blogging. It was more annoying at the time but it taught me how better to react if someone doesn’t get my opinion quite right! I can understand it a lot more if you comment “Your so stupid because you didn’t get…” but I’ve never commented like that unless they really deserve it.

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      7. I think it’s rude. And unnecessary. And also a bit typical for a mr know-it-all. He probably got butt hurt or something when you came with some information or a point of view he hadn’t thought about. It can easily be like that when you have to deal with certain people *cough*otakus*cough* I wouldn’t take it to heart. But I know it’s hard sometimes too. I can end up in discussions if people write stuff like that to me. Like I want to defend myself and tell them that I did read but I still wanted to say that and I can become kind of childish. *ashamed*

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      8. Yeah I can relate. people can over-react and I’m definitely included if someone knows how to really annoy me. I can so relate to the idea of speaking to a “mr know it all” because some people don’t care to think and just want to be right instead of changing their perspective or seeing it with an open mind, well they don’t show it online anyway.

        This whole thing reminds me of a bad experience that I alternate towards feeling shameful or happy about and you still wonder if you did the right thing. Basically don’t respond to comments if they made you insanely angry, it doesn’t end in the best way.

        I’m not talking about the thing above here but I was kind of worried about our BnP discussion that it would turn into a big argument but I feel like we (mainly you at first) handled it pretty well, so I’m glad!

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      9. Oh that yeah. Nah, it takes more to argue with me. Also, I am used to that argument and you listened to my reasoning around it and I got your point on it so we were okay. 🙂

        I don’t think one should second guess oneself too much. Reason and ponder about what the other one says absolutely but still, if you are sure of your feelings stand by your point but not in absurdum. I mean, sometimes you just have to let go and leave the discussion. Let the other part think he won. Or accept that you have different opinions and views of things.

        And to answer something an affect is never a good idea. I try to leave and then come back and read the post again and then, if I still feel the need to replay I do. Usually I have calmed down by then. (and now this sounds like I know what I am doing but boy have I ended up in huge arguments because I have them impulse control of a four year old.)

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      10. Couldn’t agree more! Competitiveness and trying to win really doesn’t help to reach an understanding. It’s annoying and potentially ignoring it is the best thing to do for a while!

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  5. Reviews are time consuming. How I go about writing about anime I’ve watched is in a spoiler free manner and the important points I enjoyed about the series. I still don’t like spoilers and I get what you mean XD

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    1. That is exactly the type of reviews I want to read. The useful ones. But they are hard to come by. I only know one other person who manages it very well. I have read some of yours too and I think they are very good. 😀


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