This Post Is One Huge Spoiler!! (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

So, there are eyes. Lots and lots of eyes. And a penguin. I am not sure why there is a penguin but he is cool. He lays around on the floor watching TV or floating around in the tub when he’s not eating or chilling in his fridge. Also, everyone is fucked up. Everyone.


Oh, I’m talking about Neon Genesis Evangelion. I just saw the last episode and I am, not confused maybe but it feels like I am high on mushrooms. I have never been high on mushrooms but I was once on the hunt for toxic mushrooms (that is a whole other story that I am never again will mention). Anyway, those two/four episodes were a wild trip.


I am not sure I needed those extra endings of episode 25 and 26. I liked the original ending where you aren’t really sure what went down. It gave the show a sort of (even more) surreal feeling. You get that Shinji is crazy. He has been suffering through out the whole anime. He is damaged by the fact that he was left alone after his mother died. His father neglects him and only calls for him because he needs him. He wants to be seen and heard. He is afraid of being abandoned again. I understand it and I feel for him. Of all the people in this anime I feel the most for Shinji.


One person I don’t feel for is Asuka. It’s the opposite. Shinji tries to strangle her at the end and I find myself cheering him on. I want to see him pop her eyes out with his shear force. It ends in him breaking down and crying instead but hey, he at least tried. Asuka is horrible through out the anime. She screams and yells and is unpleasant as a human being. It’s all about her and how she is the best. And when she isn’t she breaks down. I get it, she is damaged to with a mother who hung herself and a father remarrying and stuff. She hurts everyone around her, especially Shinji, every chance she gets. I take it that is some sort of mechanism to get people to stay away. It’s a very convenient way to not be hurt when people leave you if you don’t have any people close to you to begin with. She is still a horrible person and I can’t sympathize with her, no matter how muchΒ  try.


Rei is a machine. Well, she is a product of Shinji’s dad actually. (Shinji’s dad is by the way a slut, but that’s not really relevant. Or maybe it is but it’s not totally clear. All I know is that mother and daughter Akagi both fucked him. Well, just a little side track.) Not so much a machine as a artificial human or something like that. Made by Lilith and Shinji’s mother. In the beginning I disliked her very much because Shinji’s dad seemed to enjoy spending time with her so much but now I get it (like now now when I write this. God, I feel a tad stupid. Hehe.) He of course sees Shinji’s mom in Rei all the time. He is by the way only waiting for the end to come so he can revive Yui, Shinji’s mom. I am not really sure about how that would happen. Maybe they say something about it and I don’t get it.


There are a lot of stuff I don’t get. The first 20 episodes is basically about angels (not in the sense of beautiful beings with wings. No, they are squared or round or giant eyes or something else strange) attacking the earth and Rei, Shinji and Asuka defeating them in their Eva’s. There is also a secret society plotting some secret plan in a secret location. A lot of secret stuff going on. Then everything get’s weird and mushroomy. A lot of stuff happens inside people’s heads. In the end it’s about letting the world go under and restart humanity. I think? I have no idea, I just know that it is trippin’. I also know that Shinji is deciding. If you are watching the original episode 26 they are saying that he is deciding for his, and only his, world. But if you watch the other end it seems more like he is deciding for the whole humanity. I can’t get it to match up. Again, I had preferred the original ending only.

I might be wrong in everything I am writing here but this is how I understood it. I am gonna rewatch it because 1. there are eyes. 2. there is a penguin (yes, penguins might be my spirit animal. and 3. I want to see if I understand and perceive the anime differently.



14 thoughts on “This Post Is One Huge Spoiler!! (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

  1. This is going to be a bit awkward after my last comment. What I like about this review is that it’s your ideas and opinions and the unstructured way (no sound, animation, visuals, character, plot separation) makes each part feel like it’s own nice point instead of a tick list!

    It was a very good read, you don’t really fall into the problems I have with other reviewers (This problem isn’t necessarily bloggers, I mean in general across MAL and YT)

    We will always disagree on Asuka though.

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    1. We will always have to disagree on Asuka but you know what, it’s okay. I am actually glad she’ll get some love. I felt a bit hard on her when I wished her strangled all of a sudden.

      Thank you by the way. I never intend to make a review. Not this time either. I just write what comes to mind and my mind is very disorganized at times and so is my posts occasionally. I am glad you liked it. I look forward to see what you will write about those last episodes. They were indeed a bit trippy. But I really liked the whole series a lot. Really really lot. (that sounds very incorrect and wrong. πŸ˜› ) No I have the movies to watch. I am not sure they can beat the last episodes though. I really love that kind of crazy they were. I like when it isn’t completely clear what is going on and what has happened. Is it real? Is it a dream? Who knows, is it important?

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      1. Writing what comes to mind is the most interesting, forcing yourself to cover all the rest you didn’t care as much about would have dragged the post down!

        Also those dream sequences are the most confusing things to me, I think I’ll probably disappoint you when they come out, something that won’t disappoint you though is the end of evangelion post!

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      2. I am so curious!! I could probably have written a lot more about the other people as well but I felt that Asuka, Rei and Shinji was the main characters and those who were the most important to me and also, I didn’t want it to be too long. Since I have a tendency to ramble. πŸ˜› I might write about NGE again when I have watched the movies.


      3. Lets see, I’m still writing the end of evangelion review. It was a film that really spoke to me and I still have a lot to say. In 2k-3k words in and have only less than 1/4 of my notes. Why do I have to have so much to say? It’s like the opposite of being nitpickey!
        (You’ll probably also find it funny that nearly 1000 words are dedicated to talking about Shinji’s mental state in the very first scene, you know he one I mean)

        I can understand not wanting it to be too long, it takes longer to write! Also I’m doubtful if anyone will even be able to finish the review I’m putting so much time into. Sometimes rambling can be fun though, the most responses I’ve statistically gotten is with a ramble, I think people can relate to them better and they can flow really interestingly. Alright, time to go back to researching some Eva thing I dont understand!

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  2. Well, having seen this show, I can understand your confusion for it. When I watched the final episode I felt like that as well. It’s one of those series that is probably made to be rewatched, over and over again. And I guess even then you will continue to see new things. And of course there is the pinguin. You can never go wrong with that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Great post! πŸ˜€

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  3. A rewatch of this is always interesting because you will always find some points earlier in the series that you missed or overlooked because you weren’t sure where it was going. And the end is very much open to individual interpretation. Thanks for sharing your take on it.

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