I’m Sad and I’m Angry

So, this has very little to do with anime. Well, a bit maybe. I just discovered that someone has stolen (almost) ALL my videos from my YouTube channel and uploaded (sorry embedded them) to their own homepage. A homepage made only for making money. Since they only embed the videos or provide the links to the videos they claim that they are okey with doing so and I have no right whatsoever to tell them to take it down. Besides that, I don’t own the material since it is AMVs and some clips of songs from two movies (albeit the translations didn’t come with the clip, that’s fan made) It’s just a browser they say. Sure, the link leads to my YouTube (but is obviously played on their page) and I get the views but I don’t want anyone to earn money on my work. Not like that. I have spent so many hours on it so why should they get money for it. I didn’t do it for money. I will probably make the channel go dark and just keep the videos they haven’t stolen (the ones that isn’t as popular (read under 1000 views).

I feel like shit right now.


11 thoughts on “I’m Sad and I’m Angry

  1. Aww, man….I don’t know what to say. I’m so sorry to hear this, and that really isn’t fair 😥 It’s seriously annoying that people like this exist and don’t realise that you put all of your effort into this. I can understand if this makes you angry and sad. I would pretty much feel the same when something like this would happen to ke.
    I wish I could help in some way: but I can only say this: please take care, and don’t let people like this ruin who you are. Luckily you still have your amazing blog! And yes: that blog is amazing, I really mean that. I have ready enjoyed reading it these past weeks, so please continue with that and enjoy that as much as you can😉

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    1. Thank you! I really appreciate your kind words. Especially today but really always. It means a lot.

      Yeah, it is a shame that people are as shameless as to do these kinds of things. I have had some persons steal my videos and re-upload them on YouTube and I can’t do much since I don’t own the source material. The only thing I can do is tell them kindly to take it down. Sometimes it works. Well, I guess it’s a risk you have to take, still it sucks. I’ll keep it private for a while and then I’ll see what I’ll do. In the meantime I’m gonna be awesome here. Hehe…

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  2. I’m so sorry! 😦 That’s just terrible of others to do when you’ve dedicated hours to creating your videos for people to enjoy! You’re such an awesome creator too so please don’t let it discourage you!!! Hopefully if you ask them to take them down they’ll be respectful to you like they should have been initially! >_< I'm hoping that it works out for you ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you! ❤ I don't know. I got the feeling from their site that they are not interested in listening to people like me. They had a long disclaimer about how they only linked and that they wouldn't delete any links unless it was copyright infringement and then you had to prove it to be. Just like YT has. And I can't do that. Also, they had written that if you didn't want the video to show I should have denied embedded videos. So I changed it on YT but it didn't help. So, now they are private. For how long idk. I'm gonna keep doing videos though, when I feel like it. Not gonna let people like that decide for me. I wonder what YT would say about sites like that. There was also videos with original content, like from akidearest and animeman and other known channels.

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  3. That is awful! And so not fair. I wish there was a way you could stop them. They shouldn’t be able to make money off of videos they didn’t upload themselves and YouTube needs to have something in place to monitor for such activity.

    On another note, you make amvs? I love those and if i had the time, patience and know how is have made hundreds by now. as it is They are stored in my head. Can i watch them? Through your site of course.

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    1. I wonder what/if YT would do anything if they knew about that site (and I bet there are others as well). I doubt the site would do anything if I asked them to take down my links because they had a long disclosure about how they only provided links and how they are a search engine and all. And they only take down links if it is copyright infringement which I can’t say since I don’t own the source material. But there are videos that are original, from like animeman and akidearest and such.

      As for now I have made all my videos private. I intend to make them public again but I don’t know when. Maybe I upload them somewhere else, idk. If I do I’d love for you to see them. 🙂 And you should definitely make one or five. 😉 It is so much fun. It takes time but when you are done you can feel really satisfied.

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      1. Maybe i will eventually, but probably not till I’m done with college. Also, or video editing software is horrible. My brother used to make videos back in high school and or software glitched and deleted all his work once. I have do many ideas that it would be a shame to never do admitting with.

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      2. It takes time so it sounds wise to wait. 🙂 And yeah, good software is, well, good. What a downer to loose all the work. That must have sucked. I have mine saved on my external hard drive and now uploaded to YT as well. I don’t trust to have it saved only in connection to the software.

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      3. Well, it wasn’t finished yet, so it was the only place it was saved. He still had all the original videos and pictures, but he gave up after that, since that one was mostly stop motion. Hours of work… Gone.

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