Boku no Pico Made Me Think – About Prostitution in Anime

Yes, my post yesterday and a comments conversation has made me think a little about who I am as a person. I have strong opinions about a lot of stuff. Don’t we all? But, my opinions have been formed during many years. I am not who I was when I was 15. I am older, wiser and I know life isn’t as easy as it seems. I wrote this in one of the comments.

And, I must sound like I am huge consumer of shota. I am not. At all actually. I have friends who is. I have opinions about it. I think it is important to raise the problematics surrounded the topic. I think it is important to raise the problems surrounding regular porn and prostitution as well. I wish there was anime about that. Maybe there is?

I am not after starting discussions or debates about wether prostitution is right or not. Or under what conditions porn stars really work. But, I am interested in if there are anime that deals with these kinds of questions. I know but a few; In Aoi Bungaku Series one of Osamu Dazai’s wives/girlfriends sleep with the editor in order to make sure Osamu gets work. (sorry if I am spoiling someone now.) And the main characters in Haru wo Daite Ita are two AV actors. It’s got very little to do with the business though. That is pretty much all anime I know that has any connection to prostitution and the porn industry. Maybe there aren’t anymore?


So, what am I after then? Well, if you know any anime (or manga, I am open for that too) that handles these subjects. It doesn’t have to be explicitly about prostitution and/or the AV world but a part of it at least. It doesn’t have to be boys love. It doesn’t have to be hentai. (I’d rather it is not actually. I’m not interested in the sex part.) I just want normal anime about complicated and thought provoking subjects.

14 thoughts on “Boku no Pico Made Me Think – About Prostitution in Anime

      1. Ah well, but you tried. 😊 That’s a stupid answer. I mean, not all anime is made for entertainment. I wonder what that dudes watching. He can watch Aoi Bungaku and then tell me what his take on entertainment is.

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      2. I’ve never seen that show but I feel anime’s main objective can be for artistic messages instead of entertainment. I hoped some genius with 1000 days of anime watched would come along and give me something but no…

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      3. Yeah, well at least I know there are some. I tried to google a little but came up with very little. There are more manga though. All I ever find is boys love though and for once I actually want something not boys love. 🙄😎

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      4. Idk if I want to watch a hentai about it tbh. I haven’t looked around the hentai sphere that much but what I have seen it is mostly big boobs and it is such a turn off. :/ Not that I am after getting turned on (in this case) it’s just that it is so distracting.

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      5. I get what you mean, all some designers think they have to do to make an attractive design is put big boobs on it and that’s rarely the case, most of the time it just looks stupid. If a hentai was to take the topics seriously I wouldn’t think they’d have big boobs really, I don’t imagine it being the place for them.

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