30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 5 (I’m So Ashamed)


Should I be ashamed? I don’t know. I mean, I have after all chosen to watch the anime I have watched. I might not have enjoyed everything (or, I might have because if I didn’t I would have dropped it.) but in the end, should I be ashamed for having to watch something? I get what the question is after, to tell the world the most embarrassing, bad anime with the worst reputation I have seen. But I am not ashamed of it. So what is it, you ask. Well, I’m not ashamed but the rest of the world seems to never admit this or are extremely hostile towards it (which I understand and I will probably get a lot of comments about it.).

*whisper* Boku no Pico *whisper*


As I said, I am not really ashamed of having seen it. Did I enjoy it? Sure, why not. Little boys having sex, isn’t that every rotten woman’s dream. *whispers all around* Is she being sarcastic or is this real. *whispers* No, but seriously, I have absolutely nothing against it at all. I find the relationship between Chicco and Pico endearing. So what if they have sex, kids their age (btw, they are not 8 and 10 as many people have a tendency to say. They are both supposed to be around 12-13) are curious about sex. Should kids their age have sex? Probably not. Do kids their age have sex? It happens.

Is Pico’s relationship with Mokkun; a grown man, twice the boy’s age a problem? Obviously. The man is a pedophile (not that all pedophiles would do what he does. Just because you are a pedophile doesn’t mean you sexually abuse or use underaged kids. But that’s a whole other story for another post.). To add to it all he isn’t even after a boy but a girl but he settles for a boy even though he isn’t gay. How messed up is that. There is a lot of wrongs with this relationship and I am not gonna say that the sex isn’t wrong but it isn’t the biggest wrong. It’s just an added wrong to the whole wrong. (a lot of wrongs here.)


Then, when you listen to the debate around this trilogy (where everyone claims they have seen this “horrible” anime but in reality very few critics actually has. And if they have they have seen approximately 3 minutes and 45 seconds) people tend to forget that Chicco’s sister is actually also a pedophile. She gets turned on by watching her little brother, half her age have sex with his friend. I’d say that’s pedophile tendencies. But no one ever screams out loud about that (because no one who dislikes this trilogy has ever watched part two and three so they don’t really know about Chicco’s sister and her naughty fantasies). Well, she is a woman so it’s okay of course. (is she sarcastic again?)


As for when Cocco comes into the picture well, what can I say. They are a city fairy. If you don’t get that when you watch it then I don’t know what to say. They are older than the others, very much older on the inside than on the outside. I can’t say that I liked the last OVA too much. I prefer the second one where it is just Pico and Chicco. No Mokkun (the most forgettable character in the history. He might as well only be the depressed dude with the dick.) thankfully. The horny sister is amusing. Jesus Christ she loves her bananas! (Pico and Chicco makes a point out of it. That is such a cute scene. Hehe.)


Well, I get why people are outraged about it. It is debatable if Pico are being raped in the first OVA. Well, he is underaged and he doesn’t really say yes so, yeah, I’d say he is. At the very least sexually assaulted. A very well used trope in yaoi. And it is yaoi, albeit with shotas (boys). Does he in his turn rape Chicco? No, I would argue not. They are exploring. Learning like kids do. Why is there a difference you ask. Well, it’s obvious isn’t it? Mokkun is a grown up and Pico isn’t equal to him. He is the stronger one. Anyway,ย  that’s also for another post. There is also the whole part about boys having sex and how this is made only for pedophiles. And then there are people who hates the fact that it is gay. It ticks a lot of boxes, this one.


I didn’t mean for this to get so long. A thing that annoys me though, and I am glad I made this post so I can get this out of my system, is all the people screaming and cursing about this anime without having seen it. Just, shut the fuck up. Go watch it and then have an opinion. And the category who has made it their thing to write comments more or less everywhere about how they tricked their best friend into watching it, often with their mother. Come on, no one buys it. You haven’t done it. It’s stupid. Move on. It’s been ten years now.

So, am I ashamed that I have seen it and actually enjoyed it? Nope, I am not.


As for shota being a genre and BnP and the outrage; there are worse shota out there. What if people actually took a look at Enzai – Falsely Accused for example. You want little boys getting raped, like really raped (in Mokkun’s defense, he was actually careful and made sure Pico didn’t get hurt) then that’s what you should watch. Or Shounen Maid, Kuro-Kun. Kuro is held a slave and sexually tortured in a basement. He’s 14. Yes, I’ve seen a lot of shit, okay. Curiosity killed the cat, they say. I most likely have 9000 lives instead of 9.

19 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 5 (I’m So Ashamed)

  1. Whilst I definitely can’t relate to your feelings (I only got to the ice cream scene the first time I tried to watch, and then watched the rest through my fingers), I think you articulated a well thought out argument.
    You’re also brave for admitting to this!

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    1. Thank you. Maybe I am brave or maybe I am just stupid. I did have in the back of my mind when I wrote this that I might get a lot of crap for it since emotions tend to run high when it comes to this anime. But it is a risk I am willing to take since this is who I am. I am not ashamed of anything and this is one of those anime people am ashamed of. I know more than one person who actually like it and I think it should be okay to be able to say it. So, here I am! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. The closest things I’ve read about commentaries/reviews on erotic stuff are reviews on 18+ visual novels. That makes this the first time I’m reading a commentary on a hentai series (and a trilogy at that :o)
    I think it’s amazing that you watched all of them (I on the other hand haven’t even touched it though I have seen screencaps of it) and share your thoughts on not just the series but also brief commentaries the issues raised in it, and comments on the genre.

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    1. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think it is important to address the issues with BnP. Because there are many. But I also wanted to say that it is okay to like this kind of stuff. People like all kinds of weird stuff and this is just one of many. I think it is a shame that you can’t say that you have watched it and people go bananas over it, labeling you a pedophile. I never watched it for the sex but because I was curious. I found a cute story (yeah, people say there is no story with no plot buy do you really need a plot in a 30 minute show? Cut out the sex and you have two (three) boys playing and having fun. That makes me happy. And super creepy maybe.) with two (three) cute boys. I can see how people are appalled by the sex and sure, it’s hentai first and foremost.

      Sorry, not gonna make another review in this comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. I agree with you :))
        There are all sorts of awesome, interesting and also weird things in this world. And as we get exposed to more stuff first hand, some leave a bad impression while others hook us in. I have some strange preferences myself, but I can’t find it in me to express them (probably more fearful of consequences than being ashamed :p)
        Yea not every story needs a plot ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. I think I must have been living under a rock or something, since I really have never heard of this series. Still you made a nice post out of it, that’s for sure. And as the comment above pointed out: I think it is brave of you to admit liking this๐Ÿ˜Š Looking forward to day 6 ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. Or maybe I am hanging out with the wrong crowd. 8) Nah, it’s the Tumblr generation I think. They are the loudmouths mostly. That and YouTube.

      Thank you for calling me brave. ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, I can honestly say I am having a little problem with day six. But, it will be okay, I’ll manage. I always do. By tomorrow I will have found something.

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  4. I would not be surprised if this was one of those posts you said you’d troll people with. Even if it wasn’t you made me understand the perspective of a fan of the show pretty well!

    I’ve always stayed away from this because I’m straight and think children having sex, especially gay sex is extremely disturbing. Different strokes for different folks eh? Two of my friends read through a synopsis and told me that a little kid gets a diamond shoved up his ass in a sexual way and it was enough to turn me off from the series forever.

    I don’t mind loli porn in anime existing (I’d hate to watch it) I don’t think BnP is really going to encourage pedophiles nearly as much as anyone else does. I also get that it’s a kind of fetish thing and liking the show doesn’t automatically make you a pedo. Still this perspective was surprising and it was good to understand the appeal for why someone else might watch it.

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    1. Nope, this is not a troll post. ๐Ÿ˜‰ You can tell your friends they are totally wrong about the synopsis then. Actually, it’s the very first scene and it is an ice cube. (I assume that’s what they refer to and if it isn’t then I have no idea at all. Then they have read something completely different from something else.)

      I think it is interesting what you say about loli porn. To me that is equally as bad/good. There are some really horrible loli hentai out there that should be talked about in the same way people talk about BnP but people seem to be much more okey with those. I guess it has to do with that being straight and BnP being shota and gay. People never talk about straight shota either. So, if Mokkun was a woman not many people would care.

      One of the argument against BnP is that pedophiles will use the trilogy to lure kids in and show them that it is okey to have sex with grown ups. I call bull on that. There are a lot of ways to manipulate children into a sexual relationship. Using a very niche shota hentai from Japan isn’t one of them. Ah well, it’s a strange world.

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      1. When you say “To me that is equally as bad/good” if you mean other anime porn then I guess, people can like what they like. I don’t believe that you meant real porn, but in case you do, child porn is horrible due to the way they’re forced into it and treated badly, not to mention that it’s illegal. I don’t think you meant real but I felt like saying it anyway.

        Pedo’s do use child porn like BnP to make them more open to the idea of sex. To me they will do this by finding another way and theirs not really something they can do. It’s normally for people of your opinion or escapism for actual Pedo’s. I don’t people can control what they’re attracted too and if loli porn can stop them seeking it out with real children I’m all for it. I doubt it encourages it either.


      2. I’m talking about shota/loli and absolutely not real porn. It is not the same in any regards. And BnP is not child porn.

        I don’t understand this in your second paragraph.

        “To me they will do this by finding another way and theirs not really something they can do. Itโ€™s normally for people of your opinion or escapism for actual Pedoโ€™s.”

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      3. Don’t worry I knew that!

        I mean that instead of using BnP to try and have sex with children Pedo’s would just as easily use something else anyway.

        BnP isn’t child pron; it’s animated child porn. I think that’s what you mean? If not then are you saying it’s teenage porn because the characters are actually 13-14 in their teens? This conversation has gone weird and confusing to me!

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      4. Oh, you meant it like that! Now I understand. Yeah, you are completely right. There will always be something (if they even need anything, I am not so sure really. There are so many other mechanisms at play when it comes to sexual abuse of children. Yeah, I am not only interested in the psyche of a serial killer. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

        It was more a question of definition. Porn is real life people. BnP is hentai; animated people. To me it’s a huge difference since there is a stigma surrounding shota and watching shota. I don’t think you can compare the both but calling shota childporn automatically makes it equally as bad and in my opinion it isn’t and it should never be treated as either.

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      5. Yeah that’s what I meant!

        I agree that hentai is a lot different from real life and the stigma shouldn’t even be there. I don’t think shota hentai is on any level as bad as the real thing, not even close and you’re right comparison isn’t even valid. We are very much on the same page in this aspect. I think it’s literally just naming conventions that we disagree on.

        When I call shota hentai “animated child porn” I don’t mean it in a derogatory way as if comparing it to real life, I am literally just describing what I think it is, which is videos of animated anime children having sex. The only negative feelings I have towards shota hentai is that It’s not my thing and not what I’d choose to watch. Sorry for the confusion.

        Also have you seen TCAP? You said you’re interested in the psyche of more than just serial killers.

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      6. Oh, I understand you don’t mean it that way. ๐Ÿ™‚ But that’s exactly where the problem is. You use the word child porn and just add animated, then people will ignore the word animated and immediately it is on the same level as real child porn. Which adds to the stigma. Anyway, it is a huge and complicated discussion and we don’t have to go further. I just wanted to raise awareness of it.

        And, I must sound like I am huge consumer of shota. I am not. At all actually. I have friends who is. I have opinions about it. I think it is important to raise the problematics surrounded the topic. I think it is important to raise the problems surrounding regular porn (talking non hentai and not child porn now) and prostitution as well. I wish there was anime about that. Maybe there is?

        TCAP? I don’t know what that is? I think. Or at least I haven’t hear that abbreviation before. Please tell me more. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      7. Yeah I’m happy to leave the “shota/loli hentai” / “animated child porn” debate here if it’s just naming conventions which we disagree on. I will probably switch to calling it Shota hentai from now on anyway because, like you, I don’t want people to think it’s on the same level as the real thing.

        I never really assumed you did like shota a lot, to me it came across as something you thought was just cute to be honest. As well as that lots of people are lolicons so I can never really judge anyone that badly. I wouldn’t think worse of you anyway if it was your kind of thing.

        I’m not sure if there is an anime about the problems surrounding regular porn or prostitution, what I will do is create MAL forum to see if anyone knows and get back to you! There is a good chance it might be a hentai but not an anime.

        TCAP stands for To Catch A Predator and it’s about finding real life pedophiles who abuse children and taking them to be arrested. They go in quite deep about the psychology. I’ve never actually seen a full episode but I’ve read a lot of their chat logs and seen quite a lot of clips.


      8. I think I have heard of TCAP now that you say it. I haven’t seen it though but I have seen something similar where they catch predators on the internet. It’s scary as hell to see the way’s they manipulate children into doing things online and finally lure them to meet up. Bone chilling. There are a lot of documentaries and books about sexual predators. It’s scary watching/reading. I have always been interested in psychology and how the mind works, not only criminals but regular people and mentally ill too. A while back (well a very long while back) I was hung up on children getting abused and killed by their parents/guardians/ closest family. I asked a psychologist about it. Her answer was that there are people who things like that. That was all. Some people just do things like that. I have a hard time accepting that. I want an explanation. Anyway.

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      9. I think it’s often due to their upbringing and the world around them, often with mental illness that leads them to act the way they do. For example a mass shooter would have experiences that made them hate the world and want revenge on it. Some people are just more like that than others and theirs probably a lot more too it than that.

        I agree, it’s terrifying to see what they do and say to kids. While on TCAP the kid is fake but often real conversations are like this and that scares me. Also the best part of TCAP is seeing them brake down at the end, where they try to explain to the child’s fake parents what they were doing. I get a strange joy from seeing the guys get exposed and sent to jail for their actions.

        At one point before they arrested predators on the spot he was caught with another fake set up for a predator on the next day! It was kind of funny and really dark at the same time because that could just as easily been a normal person.

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