This is so premature – about penguins

I want one of these. And yes, this might change in the future, what do I know, I am only on episode two. He might be the evilest of the evil penguins. But dear sweet baby Jesus in a jar, I laughed so much at this. Improperly much probably.


5 thoughts on “This is so premature – about penguins

  1. I’m not sure of what to think of the penguin in Eva. He’s really funny but I kind of want a reason for him to be there that’s more than just comedy! Right now here’s there for no reason and I really want to know why Misato would have one, especially since it’s a military penguin so it should have a military purpose!

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    1. Haha, yeah, it’s gonna be interesting to see if something is gonna happen with him. So far I am on episode 13 and he is still just hanging out in his freezer. (it is a freezer right?) I like him, he’s cool though.

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