But It’s Not Realistic *crying out loud*

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That’s something I often hear in regards to violent, gory, horror anime. Well, news flash, it’s anime. Most anime isn’t realistic. It’s not even supposed to be. I have heard this many times when it comes to especially EVIL OR LIVE (well, recently that is). There is so much hate on this anime just because IT IS NOT REALISTIC!!! Apparently people wanted to watch an anime about kids actually going to a school and deal with their internet addiction. Ehm, would that be the bit least interesting? Maybe on a psychological level. Or is it the fact that the kids are getting beaten up and starved every other second? It probably takes a certain person to enjoy that (yeah, so I am that kind of person. The messy and confusing plot aside, I actually enjoyed that part of the anime.).

I don’t know, it just kind of hit me that so many people talk about realism in regards to anime, manga, tv, movie or just about any artistic work. Only reality is real and fucking hell, even reality is screwed up sometimes. BUT IT’S NOT REALISTIC! screamed the man to his brothers, who chopped his head off and then boiled him and some carrots before they feasted on him.*

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* True story, happened in Russia in 2009. Well, maybe not the carrots but the brothers and the eating and the killing.

4 thoughts on “But It’s Not Realistic *crying out loud*

  1. Seeing the pictures of Another makes me want to watch it again: such a terrific and scary and truly atmospheric anime: Awesome 😊😊
    And really: who want’s realism? I can have a lot of fun with things that aren’t reality based, and honestly I like that a hell of a lot more than watching the news. As sad as that sounds 😢

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    1. Oh, Another is such a great anime. I love it so much. I might have to rewatch it soon because it’s been a while. That is a horror done absolutely right.

      Yeah, I don’t get that whole realism thing. I watch anime (and movies/tv and read books/manga/comics) to “escape” reality. I don’t need reality on the screen as well. And nah, I don’t think that sounds sad at all. I hardly watch the news either. It’s so much misery going on in the world I might as well be oblivious to it. At least at times.


  2. It depends on the show. When watching a high school romance I generally do want the characters to behave in ways I can either relate to or find believable. When watching a supernatural horror on the other hand I’d be very surprised to find the plot realistic but I still like the characters to have believable reactions to the situation (to a point – it is going to be exaggerated for maximum impact). That’s why I love Another. Yeah, the curse isn’t realistic and neither is the fact that the school hasn’t just been shut down given the high body count each year and yet the characters in the class all have responses that can be understood at least a little bit.
    But that’s also why I didn’t like Evil or Live. The scenario I could have gone with. Abusive prison school for kids who supposedly are internet addicted. That could have worked. What worked less were the characters themselves and their responses and reactions that just felt so forced in the early episodes. I don’t know where it ended up because I dropped it.
    Thanks for raising an interesting point.

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    1. I agree with what you say in everything actually. That’s why I don’t like most shoujo high school anime where the girls are overly hysterical. I like the toned down girls better. My favorite high school anime is actually Kimi to Boku about five boys and their lives in school. It’s a perfect slice of life school anime.

      As for Evil or Live yeah, that is a train wreck. It was such a good thought and it fell so flat. I love it for the violence. I actually love Hibiki’s character development as well. He did evolve in the end but he was such a pain in the beginning. But to be honest, it sort of wobbled its way to the end, so you didn’t really miss anything by dropping it. I only continued to watch it because I needed to understand what was going on (nah, I never got to know) and Hibiki got kind of bad ass towards the end. Also, Shian was sort of hot and I liked the intro. Good enough reasons. Also, too much time on my hands.

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