30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 3 (Male Character)


Well, I have been pondering about this one the whole day (and involuntarily been thinking about female too which showed to be easier.) and I have finally realised who it is. When it dawned on me it was just so obvious.

No-6-Nezumi-Shion-nezumi-x-shion-35821776-1000-563.jpgNezumi. My dear, dear Nezumi in No.6. Mysterious, beautiful, haunted, rebellious. No one really know where he comes from but he suddenly shows up on the balcony at Shion’s house one stormy night, wet and hurt. A 12 year old escapee, wanted by the authorities. He spends one night with Shion and then he is gone. Shion never forgets him, much like I can’t forget him.


No. 6 is a city built up by two sorts of people; the elites and the rest more or less. Shion belongs to the elite and lives in the good part of the city only because he is gifted and goes to an elite school. Everything changes when he meets Nezumi and he and his mother are immediately thrown out of their house and moved to the poor part of the city. Shion starts to work for the Park Maintenance, managing a trash robot. Doing that he discovers a dead body of a person who looks like an old person but in reality is in his 30s. Shortly after his coworker dies the same way and the authorities arrest Shion under the suspicion of murder. And, this is when he once again meets Nezumi.

So, I was gonna talk about Nezumi. He is an amazing boy. Or rather, even though he is 16 he is more of a man than a boy. Ever since that night he met Shion he has been watching him from afar and now he sees the danger and comes to help him. One dramatical rescue and escape takes Shion to the slums outside the walls of No. 6 and Nezumi’s home.


Well, I am not gonna tell the whole story here. It is an amazing story and I love it. I have seen it more than once. I have the manga and have read it. I have the novel which both the manga and anime is based on and I intend on reading it, hopefully sooner rather than later. (should I maybe have chosen this anime as my most favorite anime of all time? *hm*) Anyway, watch it. I know some debate that it is a shounen ai (boys love that is) but the author has actually said that that wasn’t her intention when she wrote it and the kisses (sorry about the spoiler) have no romantic meaning. I would maybe argue that they are a little more than just bromantic kisses. (oh, I made up a new word. *satisfied* Or maybe not but who cares, it’s a neat word.) It doesn’t matter though because no matter if you like BL or not I think you could watch it.


So, to conclude in one sentence: Nezumi is my favorite male anime character ever.

(He can also sing *sigh*)

(Yes, I am aware this post and 30DAC: D2 have the same date but that post was actually written a little past midnight or something last night. So I count that as a yesterday post.)

8 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 3 (Male Character)

  1. No 6 is another one of those animes that has been sitting on my to watch list for ages, but which I still haven’t been able to see (not available here….aargh ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข). But I knew the story and that the series is cool. I hope I can see it at some point this year. So far, so good: three down, 27 more to go ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. Haha, it sounds optimistic with only 27 to go.

      If you can you should see it. I saw it before I started to boycott illegal streaming sites. I would like to own it though but I can’t find any sites that sell it here in Sweden and those sites I have search so far abroad that has it doesn’t deliver to Sweden. :/

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      1. Yeah some shows are just very hard to come by for some reason. Or are simply not available at all because of certain legal rights. Which is very annoying. But …I will definitely keep my eyes open for it. Sometimes all of a sudden things get released again. But I really want to see this at some point: that’s for sure ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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