30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 2 (Favorite Anime)


Okay, I’m sorry this is coming a bit late but this day has been filled with relatives, food and dead cats. But, now I am ready for this. I think.


Favorite? One favorite? ONE?!

You hear how stupid that sounds, yeah? I’m not one to have favorites really. I mean, every genre have its own special top. I can’t compare Kuroko no Basket with Shokugeki no Soma. It’s impossible. I love them both. I would name them both my favorite depending on what the occasion was. So, I’m just gonna go with the anime I am thinking about right this moment.



Let’s taste the name Beelzebub for a little while. Then look at that little green haired boy. It tastes kind of sweet, right? The name I mean. Because the boy is kind of cute. Most people do think he is. Such a charming, you infant. Until he starts to cry and…


Little Beelzebub above is the hell spawn of a demon lord. He has come to earth to destroy the human race. In order to do that he needs a human (the most evil to boot) who can raise him. Because, after all, he is just an infant. Little baby Beel also has a maid at his aid but he clings to the human as a little parasite, always hanging onto his back or on his shoulders, or head.

Ep20BeelIsBack (1)

The poor human, Tatsumi Oga, tries his best to get rid of the annoying baby but as the anime goes on they adjust to each other and obviously Oga gets feelings for Beel. In the end he doesn’t want Beel to go away. And he certainly doesn’t want Beel to wipe out the humanity. During the 60 episode long journey there are demons and delinquents, and ordinary high school students, and family members in a nice mix. It’s a little bit of all with demon powers.


It’s a funny, action filled anime with some really heart warming moments between the baby and the daddy. The daddy being a 15 year old delinquent and the baby a demon has no importance at all, it’s just cute.




I have no idea what I am doing right now. I am just googling gifs of Baby Beel and Oga, realising that there are some bishounen moments in the anime as well but for once I didn’t look at this anime for the pretty boys. I needed some silly fights and comedy, and I am weak to the whole single man/kid trope so this was perfect in its own screwed way. I love Beelzebub, I don’t know what else to say. There is just the right amount of romance (Oga is oblivious to love which is pretty nice while the girl is head over heals and she is so cute in her blushing tries to hide it. I normally don’t like that approach to romance but in this anime it fits really well. It adds to the comedy. She is supposed to be this bad ass delinquent but she becomes this fumbling, stuttering, embarrassed little girl when Oga walks by. And she interprets everything super weird. She’s super cute.)


And there is the perverted friend, Furuichi, who is after everything that hasn’t two balls and a dick. Unfortunately he has gotten a less manly (but yet so manly) transdimensional demon living with him who more or less destroys his every attempt to some sort of relationship because he shows up when you at least expect it. He has some serious crush on Furucihi.

giphy (4).gif

The characters are overall quirky and lovable all in their own ways. I don’t think there is one I don’t like, not even the antagonist, which is kind of weird. It’s strange to root for the evil kid too. In reality is everyone, except maybe Furuichi who is only cursed with being friends with Oga, evil in one way or the other.

I don’t know what to say more. Watch it, it is awesome. I will more than likely rewatch it and that is sooner rather than later. And bare in mind I finished watching it late November.

I am sorry if this is a total mess but it is the middle of the night now. I have been on a family reunion the whole day. I have eaten so much food my stomach is screaming and my head is hurting from all the sugar. I have been comforting sad kids because there was a run over cat outside our house when we came home. Fucking idiots driving too fast and then not stop and make sure the cat is alive or dead, and moving the cat to the side of the road and call the police. We did and then we drove it to the vets so they could take care of it (send it to cremation). So yeah, if I am a bit incoherent right now this might be the reason.

Well, Beelzebub was my pick for today. Had you asked me tomorrow my answer might have been different (I doubt it though. Right now I can’t get over Baby Beel and his dancing.) but today it’s Baby Beel and daddy Oga.




8 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 2 (Favorite Anime)

    1. Rules are rules, right? I seriously thought about breaking them but imagine that post. 200 million words. 😱 I’m in trouble today to when choosing favorite character. 😩

      Yeah, I’m thinking of reading Beelzebub too. I want to know the continuation of the story. The anime has a good enough end but after all, it does go on. I would like to own it but I can’t find it in English.


    1. It is crazy! I don’t like picking just one. It’s not fair. 😫 But rules are rules. I guess I could break them πŸ€”. Nah, I’m a law abiding girl. I am in so much trouble today when choosing my favorite male character. 😩

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