It’s Dramatic Non-Fiction – The iDOLM@STER Side M

Yes, that is true. Dramatic Non-Fiction. Or, maybe not, but that is Dramatic Stars big hit at the joint concert with the other idol groups. Anyway, I just finished the show yesterday and I really liked it. A lot. I like cute guys and cute guys I got in a bundle. I was a bit afraid in the beginning actually. I suck at names and my memory is overall a mess, and they were so many. So, how was I supposed to tell them apart, all these cute boys?


This anime is pretty much a story about six different idol groups trying to get big in Japan. One of them, Jupiter, has gotten a little bit further than the other n00bs and is trying their best to help when help is needed. Anyway, each episode focuses on one group at the time so my fear to not being able to get to know the characters actually is gone pretty soon since 20 minutes is enough to get a grasp on each one. Main focus is on Dramatic Stars though; a pilot, a surgeon and a lawyer who has been thrown together by Producer. There are some tension and some misunderstandings along the way but as always it goes well in the end.

There are also episodes focusing on the whole group training together, doing stuff together. I would say “Men doing things together” but it is hardly accurate since the youngest one is 14 while the oldest one in the group is 32. 21192388_1941024109446555_7057309086172085960_n

Anyway, it is sold as a music anime and in some regards it is but it is so much more I think. You get to se each characters struggles (Dramatic Star’s members more than the others) and thoughts. It’s pretty much only at the end of the episode they play the character song for that episode during the after credits. (Crunchyroll, for fuck sake, start translating the songs!!! I want to know what they are singing. It is a part of the show and not some random song. Idiots! There I said it. Again. *sigh* Yeah, I have messaged them too. To no avail I might add.)

I love music anime. I watch a lot of them. I am a bit fed up with UtaPri and their stupid reverse harem so this was refreshing. No harem, just cute guys singing and going about trying to become successful idols.

And no, I still don’t know their names. Only one name got stuck in my head; the little prince Pierre with his hilarious bodyguards and his frog. (and Shouta because he is the cutest with the best dance move)


(No, I haven’t seen any of the other Idolm@ster shows so I can’t compare. I only watch male music anime. Sorry, I am superficial that way.)

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