EVIL OR LIVE – I am so confused

I don’t get it. I might be stupid in my brain or something but I am so confused right now. The last episode just happened. It came from nowhere. At least that’s what it feels like. I don’t have a clue what’s been going on. This is gonna contain spoilers, so beware…


So, Hibiki is placed in this institution because he is internet addicted (or more like he plays online games all day long and his mom gets fed up with him). He gets his ass kicked the second he sets foot at the “school” by his instructors (mainly Shian, mr hot himself). Shin, the purple haired boy, tries to make him his dog three times but Hibiki refuses. Third times the charm and Shin sees to it that Hibiki ends up in solitary for two weeks. In there Hibiki works his ass off to become strong. At some point before that, Hibiki has asked Shin if he could be his dog (see, this is confusing, I am telling you) and Shin has told him that he has to become the top dog at the school. So that’s his goal when in solitary. But, his goal is also to kill Shin? Yeah, because Shin has whispered something in his ear. No idea what, we will never find out. At the school is also one of Hibiki’s old class mates, a girl he is in love with. She is there because her guardian used to rape her and she stabbed him, and not because she is an internet addict. Apparently you can end up there for other reasons to, as long as you have the right connections. So, the rest of the season is about Hibiki trying to find a way to get Shiori, the girl, out of the school, and to kill Shin. Or at least I think so. Shin is by the way suddenly gone. No idea when it happened and why. He shows up in the last episode again when he sets fire to his old room. He is a big shot with some sort of connection to the facility through his father. His big bro is an ass who hates him. I think he wants to kill Shin but I am not really sure. There is also some sort of drug dealing going on behind the scene. Oh, and the end scene is Hibiki smiling at Shin, who starts to cry. What happened to killing Shin?

Well, my conclusion to this mess is that I like it because of Hibiki and his evolvement. I like the violence. I like Shian, because he is hot.


I think that if I re-watch it I might get another view of it. I might get a better understanding of it if I can see several episodes at a time and within a shorter timeframe. I think it can be worth it in the end.

I know this post is a mess but hey, a messy anime deserves a messy post, right? (I did make a video though. That’s not a total mess.)

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4 thoughts on “EVIL OR LIVE – I am so confused

    1. Yeah, I am amazed myself, but I am so stubborn. Also, I wanted to know what the secret was. Not that I ever really found out though. But at least Shian was nice to look at.


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