Ousama Game (The King’s Game) – WTF?!

I’m.. No, I.. It’s…WTF?! Yeah, that’s it. I might exaggerate a bit now with my WTF, but that’s what I thought when I finished The King’s Game literally half an hour ago. I had high hopes for the show when I started to watch it back in October. First episode was so so, but I live by the three episode rule so I kept watching. I also like the premises for the show; some unknown force sending emails to school kids what to do, and if they don’t obey they will be punished (mostly by death). Sounds like an awesome show, right? Also, I like violence and splatter occasionally. But this show is just messy and confusing, and at times hysterical. I can’t get past the fact that one of the mc’s is a hysterical bitch no one kills at any given moment. And the other mc is just trying to save everyone even though he knows it isn’t possible. The whole game is given from the first minute of the show until the last scene. It’s all about how the kids will be killed and who is the last man/woman standing.


There is one thing I like about the show though; the death scenes. Yeah, it sounds macabre perhaps, but I actually thought they were very moving and I cried more than once when someone died. It didn’t matter if their heads flew off or their eyes popped out of their heads, it was still very sad and I was sitting there with a lump in my throat with tears in my eyes. And I don’t cry that easily.

maxresdefault 1(1)

So yeah, it was a disappointment in the end, but I managed to, after a few weeks pause and a four episode watch this afternoon, get through to the end. It’s not on my to rewatch list (yeah, I don’t have one of those…. yet) and I don’t really hope for a season 2. If there by chance would be one I’m not the first one to watch it. However, I am a bit curious about the manga so maybe I will look into that one. I mean, sometimes the manga is miles better than the anime will ever be.


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8 thoughts on “Ousama Game (The King’s Game) – WTF?!

  1. I feel like the manga was better than the show, so definitely check it out. The only ones fully translated are the original Ousama Game, Nobuaki’s first time playing. This one isn’t bad, but they do flesh out a lot of the stuff that was missing from the anime.

    The other one available is Ousama Game: Kigen, which is the prequel about Chiemi and Natsuko’s father. This one is actually really good and the whole virus thing makes sense here.

    Unfortunately, the one the anime is based only has one chapter available. There’s also the light novels, but I don’t think there’s a translation for it.

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    1. I am curious about Nobuaki’s first game so that seems like a good start then. And yes, I never really got the virus thing so that could be interesting if there actually is some sort of explanation I could grasp.

      Thank you for your insight to the manga. It’s very helpful. 🙂


      1. Good. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I know there was Gantz years ago, but I didn’t realize how much Japanese media has been going with the trend. Even the picture on top with the Xs over the students is eerily reminiscent of one of the images with the Xs over the dead combatants in a class photo format.

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