Who Should I Follow?

Well, that’s the question. Give me some suggestions of who to follow. Someone awesome, funny, boring, old, young, new to the blogging sphere (actually, I think it’s the funniest if it is someone who I can follow from the start).  Just give me some names (and links would be appreciated to) and I will check them out. Oh, and please tell me who you are if you have a blog. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with anime or manga but that is my biggest passion at the moment. I also color in my two million coloring books so blogs about that might intrigue me.

Suggestions people, suggestions; throw them at me!



6 thoughts on “Who Should I Follow?

      1. Yay! I am slowly learning. It’s embarrassing to admit that I have had wordpress blogs since wp wasn’t a thing. And still I have no idea about these things. *blushing*

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