Shokugeki no Soma – San no Sara (Food Wars! The Third Plate)

Oh my God! I’m gonna repeat that; Oh my God! I have been binge watching SnS today and boy am I glad I waited so I could watch it all in one go. The tension, the excitement, the drama. Oh my God! I absolutely love this serie but this season takes it all. It is amazing in all sorts of ways. I was afraid it was gonna be a season two all over again with one long food fight but nope, such darkness came rolling in. Who would see that coming. I am not gonna spoil anything in case someone who reads this hasn’t seen it yet but let’s just say; everything changes.


I like the fact that we get to see more of the elite ten. And some new interesting characters like Erina’s dad is introduced that I look forward to see more of in season 4. Also, Soma’s dad. I want him so bad. (yeah, pun is intended. Mr hotness himself is more than welcome to come here and cook for me any day now. I don’t care if he is in 2D, he can come warm my cold stomach whenever. Just saying.) So yeah, more of him please.


Also, I need to say something about the heavy fanservice: I appreciate Satoshi’s apron. (fine, I like the nudeness in general, even the girls. It’s so ridiculous it get’s funny. Also, Senzaemon’s body is not a laughing matter.)


Well, I am more than satisfied with the third plate. Can’t wait for April and the next season.

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