Live Action Movies

I just saw a post on FaceBook about Hollywood making a live action movie out of Your Name. I haven’t seen Your Name so this is not gonna be a post about what I think about that particular anime made into a live action movie. No, a comment to that post made me think. The commenter wrote :

The thing is, when they adapt an amazing animated movie into a live-action one, what they are saying is ‘oh this is too good to be just cartoons’ ‘this deserves to be made into REAL cinema’ they’re not respecting the media by what it is, while animation is a media that is good enough on itself and offers possibilities that may not work on live-action movies. The west needs to learn to respect animation more apart from considering it childish.

I find this interesting. What says that you disrespect the animated media just because you chose to make an adaptation of it? It’s like saying you disrespect the written word when you adapt a novel into an anime. Or a picture into an anime for that matter. Isn’t that exactly the same? I can’t see how you disrespect something. You are not trying to do it better, you are trying to do it differently or do it your way but still stay true to the original. Interpret it, like with any artform. Not copy it. Is that wrong?

I was a bit hesitant wether or not to adress that last sentence but the fact is that isn’t the Asians/Japanese “worse” when it comes to make live action adaptations of their anime? Or, is it okay just because they are Japanese and made the anime first? (Btw, not all western comics, animated and otherwise, are childish. There are plenty of grown up comics. I think that last sentence speaks volumes how the poster looks at western comics. Just saying.)

Live action movies are such a trigger in the anime community. It sometimes amuses me and sometimes makes me tired. Right now I can only sigh. I for one don’t like dubbed anime. I think it takes a lot of the feeling out of the original characters. Do I complain? (apart from right now. And btw, I heard some of the dub in my native language for Your Name and it was horrible. Plain horrible.) No, I don’t complain to anyone but my partner. But, I avoid watching dubbed anime. And, if people don’t like anime adapted into live action movies they can just avoid watching said movie. It’s not as if the anime will suffer from a live action movie or disappear into thin air because of it.

Some trivia: I actually tried to watch the Death Note live action movie back in August. Holy hell, I am scarred for life. Yeah, I exaggerate a bit but when Light fled to the door in the class room and we get to see him panicking and screaming like a little bitch I wanted to bite my toes off. I didn’t even watch a full half hour before I stopped. It was so painful to see. I had my doubts already before, when the trailers came out and the cast was announced, and it just went down hill. I’m sad to say that not even Ryuk was up to (my) standards. Although, he was the best of that wreck of a movie. No, I’m not a big fan of anime adaptations either.

Picture: Luca Nemolato

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