A minor change

Or maybe it counts as a major change? Hm? Anyway, I have decided to change my lists from age demographics to age ratings instead. As of now I have three different lists; pg -13, R -17+ and other. Other consists of everything that isn’t any of the other two. It might seem strange maybe but it is only because I haven’t really seen that many anime in those categories to justify their own lists. So, I put them all in one and mark them with the appropriate rating instead. Also, I am gonna go after what MAL thinks is appropriate and not make anything up by myself. All for my own convenience even if I maybe find some rating a bit off (most likely too hard. There are stuff I would rate pg instead of pg -13) I am gonna tag each post accordingly, I promise, so it’s easy to find specific genres at least.

So, there you have it, lists are changed. I told you, patience is needed when it comes to stuff like this. I am bound to change things up before I am satisfied. That’s just who I am.

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