Links to External Sites

If you’ve read my posts about Touken Ranbu – Hanamaru and Recovery of an MMO Junkie you have seen that I link to MyAnimeList. I will do that to those anime that have a page there because I know that some people are interested in additional information about anime you are going to watch or have already watched. At least I am one of those information junkies who need to know every show my favorite VA is in *cough*Okiayu Ryoutarou*cough*.  Also, if a series have more than one season named slightly different than season one, like Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars) I will only have one post about the series as a whole but most likely have one link for each page of the season. I think. Well, you’ll be aware.

As an addition to the above; if I use pictures and such that doesn’t come from the anime/manga (like screen shots or scans from the actual manga or are official art) I will link to the artist if I can find them. If I can’t I will link to the site I found the picture. But I much as possible I will use pictures that are official from the anime/manga.

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