Genres pt. 2

And now I might have come to the conclusion that instead of doing the age demographics genre thing, I might just go with the usual genres; action, horror, sports, music, slice of life, romance, comedy. But, should I place each anime with multiple genres in multiple lists then? Ugh, why can’t it just be easy, like with BL. Everything BL ends up in my BL list, no matter any sub genre.

I have also been pondering about my manga lists. I realise that more or less 95% of all the manga I read is BL. So, a list for BL and a list for other will suffice I think. And off course some tags added.

Another little thought that just popped into my mind is that maybe I should do a master list. I mean, it can be fun to see everything on one page, right? Well, maybe not for you but it is something satisfying to see what you have achieved. I don’t know if binge watching anime and binge reading manga is a thing to be proud of though. Or the fact that you feel the need to write it down in a blog for the world to see. That is just plain crazy. (add to that that I will most likely forget like at least 45% of everything)

Well, so much to think about. So many words to write. Here I am in my pyjamas, snuggled up in the sofa when I really should be doing stuff like cleaning the house so I can put up the Christmas tree and make some Christmas candy.

For now, let’s go make a list.


(Fune wo Amu)

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