I realise that my posts are really boring at this point. They have to be. Until I get my shit together I need to write this stuff down. So, about genre then. It’s effing hard to put things into the right genre. I know there might be some disagreement to why I put certain things into certain genre and to be completely honest, sometimes I have no clue where things go. I just watch it. I mean, Attack on Titan is a given shounen anime/manga but how is The Recovery of an MMO Junkie seinen? There is probably some logic to it but to me it’s a clear josei. Anyway, I’ll put it in josei and then someone can shoot me later. It’s my lists. After all, who cares in a million years. Also, I am only dividing them to make the lists shorter because they would be really boring to read if they were all clumped together.

Another thing I think I’m gonna do is I’m gonna make one list for only music and one for sport. Just because I can and just because I love those genres.

Finally, before I end this, don’t fret, I will tag every post with sub genres as well. (I wonder if I can have a tag cloud in this theme?)

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